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Zowi Robot Bq


Zowi Robot Bq

SKU: BQ_Zowi_robot

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Zowi is a very cute robot. The purpose of Zowi is to bring children closer to art. And not only to experience the art, but also to show that art can be very simple and fun. In addition to program the robot in its meaning and requirements and can easily be connected to a PC via a USB cable.

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Product information

Zowi robot BQ

Once Zowi get out of the box, Zowi can very much. But Zowi would really like you to teach him more. Zowi can walk, dance, dodge obstacles, make noise and even mouth gestures. Using the buttons on the back, you discover the basics.


 Knop A

With the A button you can Zowi let dance. You'll be surprised what moves Zowi can dance with his four motors that control the feet.

Knop B 

With button B you can let the robot go to walk and let dodging obstacles. I'll tell you a little secret. Zowi's eyes are ultra sensors. Place your hand or an obstacle to Zowi his eyes and he will avoid the obstacle to avoid a collision.

Knop A+B 

Zowi reacts to taps on the head and sounds. There's a built-in microphone in the robot that listens cons tooth to what happened. By clapping or tapping his head gives the robot different reactions.

Zowi app 

 Zowi can programming due to the open source Bitbloq or Arduino programming modules

Zowi have a reprogram motherboard which he can learn new things from you! Programming and coding become easily learned by Bitbloq. Bitbloq is a simple and user-friendly drag-and-drop block programmable module. It can easily be connected to a PC via a USB cable.

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Zowi robot BQ

Zowi Robot Bq

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From 134.49

for 99.95

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