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Electric Curtainsystem


Electric Curtainsystem


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Electric curtain rail. Easy to connect with home automation system. Curtains can be fitted left, right or in the middle.
The rail is available in 2 versions up to 6,14 meters. Max. weight curtains 15kg. You have to cut the rails to get the desired length. Motor can be mounted both left and right.
We also have a smart curtain motor that works on your excisting curtainrails

Price as configured: €0.00

Price as configured: €0.00


  • Aantrekkelijk geprijsd elektrisch gordijnsysteem
  • Links, rechts of middensluitend


  • Geen slow start/stop functie
  • Hoorbare motor
  • Alleen statusmelding na aanpassing motor
  • Geen bochten mogelijk
  • Max. 15Kg gordijngewicht

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Well priced smart curtain system. If you are a great DIY-hero and you follow our projects this is a great and cheap way to smarthome your curtains. How cool is that. if your lazy than we can do it for you.


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  • Condition New
  • Function(s) Curtainsystem
  • protocol InfraRed
  • Toelichting Je hebt wel een slimme relais module nodig
  • Installationskills 2 Get your tools

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Product information

Automatic curtainrail Kallox | DIY version

Electric curtain rail system based on the Kallox curtain system with motor. This is a complete DIY basic set that you can assemble yourself. With a separate purchased home automation module you can connect it to your (Z-wave) home automation system in no time. Check out this project. The curtains can be mounted on the left, right or in the middle. The difference with more expensive systems such as Forest Atlantis is mainly due to the lack of a slow start / stop function and no built-in smarthome radio like Z-wave or 433Mhz. Furthermore, this system uses a steel transport cable that makes more noise than the carbon belt that Forest uses.

Pay attention :
- Connect to your home automation system with a double relay switch and not with a shutter module!
- You will not receive a status report about the position of the curtain! or you should follow the steps from this project.

This curtain system only has an infrared control option as standard. However, you can make the system smart by connecting a Z-wave module.
This can be done in 2 ways:

1) A Z-wave switch with relay function as push function.
The relay function is needed because the curtain can be operated via a 12V switch. By replacing the switch with a Z-Wave relay module we can send an open or close pulse from the Z-Wave base station to the home automation module.
The condition is that the Z-Wave module generates a pulse (and does not remain on). You can do this by creating a scene that switches off the module after 1 second after it is switched on. However, most Z-Wave modules have an 'auto relay off' function. The module then switches off internally after a short time. The Fibaro and Qubino modules have at least this function. (See the video below).

Difference with a shutter module.
Because we do not switch the drive of the motor itself, but actually give a pulse to the built-in controller of the motor, we can not use a roller shutter module.
Because of this we can not make a position determination. Do you want to do this than you can. Follow this project

 2) Replace control of the motor with a smart shutter module 12-24V
If you want more than just open-close assignments, you can also replace the control with a smart shutter module from Qubino. Qubino is the only one that has a 12-24V shutter module. How we do that we explain in part 2 of the smart curtain project. It is somewhat more radical, but the result is that you get feedback about the status of the curtain.

Video : How to assemble the Kallox automatisc curtain.


- Curtain rail itself can be made to length between 1.14 mtr. and 6.14 m
- Stops automatically when the curtain is completely closed or opened.
- Curtains can be opened and closed by hand.
- Safe and trustworthy; designed with 12VDC adapter with European CE quality mark.
- Open / close from the middle, left or right possible
- Curtain rail can easily be shortened.
- Including mounting material (wall / ceiling mounting)

Technical specifications:
- Input voltage: 220V / 50Hz.
- Output voltage: 12VDC.
- Power consumption: 120W
- Standby power: 0.1W
- Maximum curtain fabric weight: 15Kg for the 4.14 meter version and 20Kg for the 6.14 meter version
- Operating hours engine minimum 1000 hours.
- Dimensions rail 22x16mm (wxh).
- Motor size 150x90x45mm (hxwxd) 


What's in the package:
- One infrared remote control (type mini).
- Wired control panel.
- A motorcycle.
- 12VDC 1A adapter.
- One basic rail length 1.14 mtr.
- including (3 or 5) extension rails length 1 meter each.
- +/- 38 loose runners,
- Mounting brackets.
- Assembly manual in Dutch.


When ordering multiple automatic curtain systems you receive an attractive discount.


Z-wave control of the motor:
The simplest option is option 1. You connect a home automation module according to the color coding below and off-you-go. You can also choose the more advanced solution.



Aansluitschema kalot gordijnsysteem met FIBARO schakelaar



FIBARO 2x1,5kw module aansluiten op Kallox Z-wave gordijn

N - Neutral (power for the module)
L -  Live (power for the module)

IN - Black wire of the curtain
O1 - Green (Output 1)
O2 - Red (Output 2)

The yellow wire (pauze) is not connect, due to the fact that we have only 2 relais on the smarthome module
Note : Set parameter 4 /5 of the FIBARO module to enable auto-relais of.


Explanation on how to set parameters.


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