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Smarthome switches

How to make your switches smart?

To be able to controll your smarswitch via an app of from within a scene you will need to add smarthome functionality to your switch. Bascily you have two options:
- Place an insert module behind an excisting switch.
The patress box needs to be 50 mm. The good news is you can use your own switchgear.
- Replace the switch completly with an smarthome enabled switch.
No need for deep patress boxes, but you have limited choise of switchgear.


ROBBshop sells smarthome actors for switches, dimmers and shutters.


         Drawing 1 : Situation before converting to Smarthome

Schema electrische aansluiting huis voor domotica

         Drawing 1 : Situation with Smarthome 

Schematische weergave huis met Z-wave modules 

The best option:
- We recommend that you use your own switchgear.
Only possible with 50mm patress boxes
- Use momentary pushbuttons, these work best with dimmers and they always work the same exchange flops on/off direction when you operate the lights using a tablet or smartphone. Similar to a hotel switch.
Which type of switch to use with (dimmer) modules?
Here we assume a Z-wave installation, as this is our best-selling system.
Z-Wave built-in modules can be used in combination with the existing switchgear. The modules will be placed behind the existing switch in the junction box. Usually enough spaces is available. A junction box with at least 50 mm mounting depth is recommended.
Most Fibaro modules (except the dimmer module) need power to operate. This means that you need a blue wire in the junction box. This sometimes is not the case. After all, the switch only had to interrupt the first connection in order to switch the lamp.
Often, the electrician can draw a blue wire from the electrical box where the lamp hangs. If you can not draw a blue line you can use the dimmer module Fibaro. The dimmer module has no blue (neutral) wire needed in the junction box. More information on how to connect here.
Momentary pushbuttons.
As mentioned, you can keep using your existing switchgear. The best you can, however, replace the inside by momentary switches. These have the following advantages:
- The switch can also be used to dim it by holding it down.
- Because the switch springs back, he works altjd the same way, changing a make-break away when he gets controlled via the app.



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