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How much power does a Z-wave module consume at what are the costs

How much power do Z-wave modules consume?

(ROBBShop answers)




More and more people are aware of theire carbon footprint. When you want to save on your energy bill you first need to know how and what about energy. By using smart home solutions you can save power, but smarthome products themselves also use energy.

We will presnt you a explanation about on how you can check your energy situation.

How much does energy costs?

In the Netherlands 1Kwh is about 0,22Euro. 1Kwh is equal to a load consuming 1000W for 1 hour. So 1000Watt x 1hour = 1000Watth = 1kWh.

How much does 1Watt costs per year?

1 Watt x 24 (hour per day) x 365 (days/year) = 8.760 Watt = 8,76 kWh


Slightly off topic, but still nice to know
We know that a kWh costs around 0,22 euro (2015). 0,07 euro is for the actual power, 0,035 euro is VAT and 0,12 euro are transport costs. 



1 Watt of energy costs about 2 euro per year.


How much energy do Z-wave smart home modules and Z-wave gateways use and how much does that cost?





Benext Controller 1-2 Watt 2-4 euro  
Fibaro HC2 / Fibaro HCL 12-15 Watt 24-30 Euro  
Vera Edge 8-10 Watt 16-20 Euro  
 Zipabox  2-3 Watt  4-6 Euro per jaar  
Z-wave modules 0,5-1 Watt 1-2 euro per jaar  


As said, Z-wave smart modules consume power. By taking advantage of the possibiliteis of a smart home automation system you can save money. Most people still have no idea how much power they use (avarage household uses about 3600kWh per year) and saving energy is not something they care about.

ROBBshop advices you about devices that can measure power consumption of individual devices or the total consumption of your house with our smart meter solutions. With the information provided by our systems you can cut-off power consuming devices.



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