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What is a z-wave scene?

What does a 'scene' do in a smart home network?


To explain the term 'scene' in a smart home environment we need to back to how a smart home scene is setup. A smart home system is build around the following components:

- Z-wave gateway (heart of your smart home, a pc running smart home software);
- One or more actors (Smart home switches, smart home dimmers dimmers, blind control, etc)
- One or more sensors (Smart home motion sensor , temperature sensor, Door&window sensor, etc)
- One or more scenes.


ROBBshop explains the Z-wave scene

Back to scenes. A scene is build up around 2 basic things
1) A trigger, something that makes the scene run.
2) One or more actions, for example lights in the bathroom on, or the heating back to 20 degrees


What is a trigger?

A trigger in a smart home environment can be a lot of things. such as:
- Triggers based on time (everyday at 20.00, at sunset, only mondays at 10.00). 

Z-wave trigger op basis van tijd

- Triggers based on a device (smart home actor) that has changed status (on/off)
   When light1 goes on also turn light 2 on
- Triggers based on information given by a smart home sensor;
   When a doorsensor is tripped switch on the light (video)


There are many sorts of triggers (depending on your controller) and even more actions they can perfom:

- Triggers based on your location by Gbasis van  de locatie van uw telefoon (GPS, automatisch de lamp aan als u in de buurt van uw woning komt)
- Triggers op basis van het (internet) weer  (bij regen automatisch de zonwering sluiten_
- Triggers op basis van het wijzigen van een variabele.  (bijvoorbeeld een variabale 'thuis' die op 0 of 1 staat, afhankelijk van of u thuis bent of niet).

Next to triggers you can also use Z-wave associations. What this is and how it works you can find here


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