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What is the difference between a relais switch and a normal switch

Wat is een relais?

That is a good question. But more importantly, what can you do with it exactly?
A relay is basically a switch that you turn when you power on the move.
A good exemplary is the starter relay of your car.
To start your car starter has to deliver much current through a thick rope. And in order to prevent that there is a very thick cable to your contact key runs, one uses a relay. A small stream switches a relay which operates a large switch. And see, the principle of a relay.

In home automation systems will also often used a relay. Not to start the engine, but to automate a manual operation. One example is our garage door automation project.

A home automation module with relay function has the property that it switches the second contacts without having to put under tension. The stream where he works himself is not the power which he turns. He switches 'floating'. There will only contact made between a and an output. The voltage coming from the push-button side (in this case there is voltage on the two wires of the garage door knob). This is usually 12V DC and 230V no (power module).

Fibaro example makes single and double and double relay modules. These works themselves 230V but are suitable for switching voltages or other mains. You can integrate any remote control in your Z-Wave home automation system. Unfortunately, these modules provide no current measurement.

The single and double switch modules Fibaro do offer flow measurement. But this can not disable other voltages. Do you just switch a 230V device then these are the best choice.
They also have the new Z-Wave chip plus.

The best choice thus depends on your needs.

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