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Usb 433mhz Rfxtrx433xl Controller

433Mhz RTS & KAKU
XL-version with double memory

Usb 433mhz Rfxtrx433xl Controller

SKU: RFXtrx433XL

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This is the RFXtrx433XL, with double the memory on board. Now everything fits on the flash memory.

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  • Werkt met de meeste 433Mhz producten
  • Ook geschikt voor Somfy RTS motoren
  • Werkt met Klik-Aan-Klik-Uit producten
  • Combineren met Z-wave stick mogelijk


  • Onbeveligd protocol
  • Geen terugkoppeling
  • Geen repeater functie
  • Computer met domoticasoftware is vereist

Our expert advises

Cool product from Holland. The RfxCom 433Mhz controller. Connect it to your PC, NAS, or Vera controller and you will be able to control most of the 433Mhz devices. Also works with the RTS tubemotors by Somfy.


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  • EAN 0634480621815
  • Condition New
  • protocol Somfy RTS 433, 433Mhz
  • Power USB AC/DC adapter / 4 x AA batterijen
  • Installationskills 3 DIY product

Product information

USB Expansion Module 433.92Mhz RFXtrx433XL Transceiver ( RFXCOMM )

Hello! Meet the RFXtrx433XL, RFXcoms big brother with double the memory.

So what are the differences ?
- twice the memory, the RFXtrx433XL has a dual memory, so that it can now have all currently supported protocols in one firmware version.

- Pro-firmware: the protocol detection in the receiver has been completely redesigned, making it possible to enable multiple protocols.
In the older Ext and Ext2 firmware for the RFXtrx433E, some protocols were not received or received reliably when another protocol was enabled. The ProXL firmware does not have this limitation. This firmware design is also available for the RFXtrx433E as Pro1 and Pro2. Due to the memory limitation there are still 2 versions for the RFXtrx433E.

- RF noise level: the new Pro firmware (Pro1, Pro2, ProXL) detects the RF noise level during start-up of the receiver and RF signals above this level are processed. It is required to install the RFXtrx433XL in a good location with a low RF noise level, so that a good reception quality is guaranteed. The noise level is displayed in RFXmngr on the Main menu. A value of 92 with the standard antenna is acceptable, but lower is better. A general rule is not to place the RFXtrx433XL near a Raspberry PI, routers or other electronic equipment, power cables or metal pipes.
Important note: the RFXtrx433XL may only be programmed with ProXL firmware. When a Pro1 or Pro2 is flashed in the RFXtrx433XL, it remains in the bootloader and requires a special procedure to make it operational again, the housing must be opened and a temporary connection (without soldering) must be made on the PCB . The recovery procedure is available in the RFXtrx user manual, chapter 19.

- Modified USB interface: the RFXtrx433XL has another USB FTDI interface chip. It uses the same USB drivers as used by the RFXtrx433 and RFXtrx433E and requires no action in the operating systems.
A connection is available for a serial interface to replace the USB connection. This connection can be used to connect an RS232 or LAN interface. See chapter 18 in the RFXtrx user manual. Select an interface that does not produce RF noise. As an example, RFXCOM has tested the USR-TCP232 LAN interface, but this interface module produces too much RF noise at 433 MHz and the RFXtrx only receives a sensor at a very short distance.

Smart-meter interface: there is a special serial interface connection on the RFXtrx433XL PCB to connect the Dutch P1 smart meter or an interface for the French Teleinfo meters. See chapter 16 & 17 in the RFXtrx user manual.




  • Low priced
  • Receive + transmit function,
  • Standard USB interface (works on Linux, Mac OS, Windows)
  • CE certified and RoHS
  • Developed and produced in The Netherlands
  • Supports the largest range of sensors and actors possible (see the list below)
  • Supported by a large number of Home Automation software products (see the list below)
  • Does not rely on remote Internet servers holding private secure data
  • Free Software Development Kit with VB.NET example available on request
  • Easy integration in any application due to a simple protocol
  • Firmware updates in flash memory


Supported by these software and systems:

  • Domoticz
  • DomotiGa
  • Domogik
  • Ed-win
  • EventGhost
  • FHEM
  • HomeAutom8
  • Homeseer HS2 and HS3
  • HomiDom
  • HouseAgent
  • Indigo
  • MeteoHub
  • OpenHAB
  • Open Source Automation
  • Beyond Measure
  • Digital Home Server
  • Heyu
  • Mydombox.com
  • VERA



List of supported Home Automation sensors and actors:

  • Alecto SA30, WS1200
  • ATI Remote Wonder
  • ATI Remote Wonder II
  • A-OK, Ematronic blind motor
  • Blyss
  • BOFU blind motor
  • Brennenstuhl
  • ByeByeStandBy
  • Chacon (including EMW200)
  • Clas Ohlson weather sensors
  • COCO
  • Conrad RSL2
  • DI.O
  • Digimax
  • DomiaLite
  • Düwi
  • dx.com RGB LED controllers
  • ebode
  • ELRO AB400, AB600
  • Energenie
  • Harrison curtain
  • Hasta blind motor
  • HomeEasy  HE105
  • HomeEasy
  • HomeEasy EU
  • Ikea Koppla
  • Impuls
  • Intertechno
  • KD101 - Chacon, NEXA, Flamingo smoke detector
  • KlikAanKlikUit
  • La Crosse weather sensors
  • LightwaveRF, Siemens
  • Livolo touch modules
  • Maverick ET732
  • MDremote LED dimmer
  • MediaMount projector screen
  • Mertik Maxitrol
  • NEXA
  • Oregon weather sensors
  • THR128,THC138, THR138,THGN122N, THGR122NX, THGN123N, RGR126, UVN128, UVR128, THGN132N, THGN132ES, UV138, THGR228N, THGRN228NX, THGR238, THGR268, RTGN318, RTHN318, RTGR328N, THGR328N, RTGR368N, THGN500, RGR682, THGR918, BTHR918, BTHR918N, RGR918, STR918, WGR918, RGR928, STR928, THGR928, WGR928, BTHR968,EW109, PCR800, UVN800, WGR800, WTGR800, TGHN800, TGHN801, THGR810
  • Oregon Body weight scale BWR101/BWR102/GR101
  • OWL CM113, cent-a-meter, Electrisave
  • OWL CM119 / CM160 / CM180 / CM180i
  • PC Remote
  • Phenix
  • Proove
  • RAEX blind motor
  • Revolt
  • RFXMeter
  • RFXSensor
  • RisingSun
  • Rollertrol blind motor
  • RTS10 / RFS10 / TLX1206
  • Rubicson stektermometer
  • Sartano
  • TFA weather sensors
  • Viking weather sensors
  • Visonic PowerCode
  • Waveman
  • X10 lighting, X10 security
  • X10 Ninja/Robocam
  • Xdom
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Usb 433mhz Rfxtrx433xl Controller


Usb 433mhz Rfxtrx433xl Controller

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