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What can you do with a smart plug

Smart Plugs | What can you do with them?


Plug your smart plug into the socket. Then plug the device you want to make smart in the smart plug. And now?
Now the device is smart and you can do a lot more with  it than you think.
- Remote control with your smartphone or tablet, even if you are not at home;
- Measure the power consumption;
- Switch the appliance automatically if something happens (during movement or rain, every day 12.00);
- Turn on the radio when you are not at home and there is movement in the driveway;
- Monitor the computer use of your children;
- Eliminate stealth consumption;
- operate your screens;
- Control the speed of your fan (smart plug dimmer);
- Switch off the dishwasher if there is a leak (in combination with a smart flood sensor);
- Use your radio as an alarm clock;
- Simple wake-up light (smart plug dimmer);
- Limiting the power consumption of the underfloor heating pump (in the summer on timer);
- Time protection on your iron (switch off the plug automatically after 2 hours).

Some nice smarthomeprojects we did with a smartplug:
- Sleep scene; Everything in-house when you charge your phone next to your bed
- Smart terrace cooling for the hot days
- Smart washing machine with ready notification

Did you know that you..
- you can switch off the button on the plug?
- can measure the power consumption with most plugs?
- they can also be operated with a remote control?
- all plugs can be switched on and off at the same time?
- there are also dimmable plugs?
- A smart plug consumes about 1 euro per year in power?

Tips are welcome.
Have fun with your adapter!

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