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What can you do with a smart dimmer

Smarthome dimmers | What can you do with it?

 With a dimmer you can dim a lamp, ready. With a wireless smart dimmer you can do a lot more. So much that we have made this page special. A smart dimmer has the ability to be controlled via the button via a wireless signal (z-wave or zigbee). With this you can send an assignment to the smarthome controller via your smartphone. Nice if you doubt whether you have turned off the lights. And if they are still on you just switch them off via your smartphone.

But much more is possible, what about
1- pair two dimmers wirelessly. Handy if you have a switch somewhere that needs to operate a light at another location.

2- Controlling a fan. With a dimmer you can easily control the speed of your fan.
3- The FIBARO dimmer has the possibility to connect 2 pushbuttons (series switch).You can set the dimmer so that the left switch dims on / up and the left out / down dims with short / long press.
4- Connecting a 2nd switch with which you can operate another dimmer via a wireless signal (as a kind of virtual black wire - see video point 1)
5- The light value can be adjusted automatically depending on the amount of light. We have done a domotics dhz project for this.
6- You can also apply the dimmer perfectly in a hotel circuit. With the solution from point 3 you can also make a wireless hotel switch.
7- And of course you can include the dimmer in your domotics scenes. Now all kinds of triggers can ensure that the dimmer is controlled. Think of a TV viewing scene where the lighting automatically dims slowly after a few seconds.
The FIBARO dimmer also has the possibility to perform special actions with double-triple clicks. For more information see this item.

Tips are welcome.
Have fun with your smart dimmer!
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