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Socket Model 55 Pure White Glossy 2usb

Socket Model 55 Pure White Glossy 2usb

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Outlet and High Speed USB Charger in one. Suitable for standard 55 * 55 cover frames For Gira, Jung, Berker, Merten, Busch-Jaeger and other brands. Shiny white.


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Product information

USB socket

(2USB Socket Model 55 Pure White Shiny) 

Standard 250V ~ 16A socket with USB charger of the latest generation. High-speed charging thanks to the high capacity of 2.100mA. Integrates with various series of Gira, Jung, Merten, Berker, Busch-Jaeger and PEHA switchgear.


- 250V ~ 16A socket with child protection
- 2 USB charging contacts with 2.100mA
- Equipped with TüV and KEMA label
- Color Pure White Glossy (RAL9010)
- Fits in 55 * 55 cover frames from Gira, Jung et al.



Our latest generation of sockets with a built-in USB charger of no less than 2.100mA. In addition to the standard 220V socket you have access to two 5V USB contacts with which you can charge your tablet, phone and other USB devices.



With a built-in depth of 49mm, 2USB Model 55 fits perfectly into 50mm mounting boxes, which has been the standard in the Netherlands for many years. In addition, the high quality Thermoplastic cover has a size of exactly 55x55mm. This size is the de facto standard of renowned manufacturers such as Gira, Jung, Busch-Jaeger, Berker, Hager, Merten and Schneider. 2USB Model 55 is therefore perfectly integrated in most of the switch material of these manufacturers.



With the 2USB Model 55 socket outlet, also called USB socket or socket, the batteries of mobile phones, MP3 players, tablets and the like can be charged. Apart from the 220v wall socket itself, a maximum of 2 devices can be charged simultaneously with the 2 USB connections. The USB contacts provide a total of 2100mA, more than enough for charging all modern USB devices.

In fact, charging the latest generation smartphone or tablet with the 2USB WCD often goes faster than with the original charger from the manufacturer. Many manufacturers have been supplying the same charger for generations for every smartphone and tablet they sell. At the same time, the latest generations of these devices can already have much more capacity to charge the battery. 2USB Model 55 takes full advantage of this larger load capacity!

An Apple iPhone 6 (S), for example, charges the battery with up to 1A (or 1000mA) when that capacity is provided by the charger. But the original Apple charger has only a capacity of 500mA. With a total capacity of 2,100mA, the 2USB Model 55 Socket can thus simultaneously charge two iPhones at high speed!



Safety is crucial when you work with electricity, even at low voltage, as is the case with the 2USB socket model 55. That's why the 2USB Outlet Model 55 is equipped with numerous safety features such as:

  • Child protection - also increased touch protection. The opening of the 220V connections can not be opened (easily) by children's fingers or, for example, with a steel pin. This protection is in accordance with the strict German VDE 0620-1 standard.
  • Edge ground - The 2USB socket is equipped as standard with silver-plated connectors for perfect grounding.
  • Insulated plug terminals - The connection of the power wires is carried out using safe, fully insulated plug terminals.
  • Protection against sparkover - the 220v connections are internally protected against the dangers of spark flashover when installing or removing a plug.
  • Protection against dust and grit - The back of the 2USB Model 55 socket is covered with plastic. In this way, the USB electronics are maximally protected against the dust and grit that are often present in the junction box and pipes.
  • Objectively tested and found safe! - The 2USB Model 55 USB socket has been extensively tested and found safe by not one, but even two reputable inspection bodies and rewarded with both the KEMAkeur certificate and the German TÜV certificate.



The 2USB Model 55 socket outlet with USB is incredibly easy to install, just as easy as an ordinary socket!




2USB Model 55 is compatible with the following series of PEHA Switchgear:
ABB Busch-Jaeger Busch-Balance SI / Basic55
ABB Busch-Jaeger Carat (Using a Busch-Jaeger intermediate window)
ABB Busch-Jaeger Solo (Using a Busch-Jaeger intermediate window)
ABB Busch-Jaeger Pur (Using a Busch-Jaeger intermediate window)
ABB Busch-Jaeger Future-Linear (Using a Busch-Jaeger intermediate window)
ABB Busch-Jaeger Busch axcent (Using a Busch-Jaeger intermediate frame)

Pay attention! 2USB Model 55 is not compatible with the popular Busch-Jaeger Reflex SI series. Although this switching material is 55x55mm, it has rounded corners instead of. straight corners.

2USB Model 55 is compatible with the following series of PEHA Switchgear:
PEHA Dialog (Using a PEHA Dialog central plate 55x55, Item No. D 95.02 JR)
PEHA Nova (with the aid of a PEHA Nova central plate 55x55, item number D 20.022 JR)

Are you looking for a Jung USB socket? That does not exist! But fortunately there is now 2USB Model 55! With that, you make a USB outlet from your existing Jung outlet.

2USB Model 55 is compatible with the following series of Jung Switchgear:

Jung AS500
Jung A 500
Jung A Creation
Jung A Plus
Jung LS 990 (Using a Jung intermediate window)
Jung CD (Using a Jung intermediate window)

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Socket Model 55 Pure White Glossy 2usb

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