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Which Z-wave module is best?

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27 Result(s)

Which Z-wave module is better Qubino of FIBARO?

(what are the differences)


Note: Next to FIBARO and Qubino there are more suppliers of Z-wave insert modules. The mentioned ones are most used.

Most smart home users are familiar with FIBARO en there insert modules. Next to FIBARO ROBBshop sells Qubino, of which we are official importer. We often get the question what modules is best. The answer is not as easy as the answer. It depends on your personal preference, the controller you use and the lights you use.


9.1 Controller brand

It will not suprise you that the combination FIBARO-FIBARO is a good one. Why you might ask yourself?
Z-wave modules are complex modules and they have their own memory to store some settings. How these parameters are presented differs per controller.


Example of  parameter settings in a FIBARO-FIBARO combination:


Example of parameter settings in a Vera-FIBARO combination (UI5):

from the images above you can see that parameter settings are more easy when using the same make controller as modules. It doesnt mean you cannot change the settings, its just easier when there is text explaning what the parameter setting does.



9.2 Different options of Z-wave smart home modules.

Next to making the right choice of the controller the choice of modules is also important. For example, FIBARO dimmer and blind modules offer multigesture options like double and tripple press actions (through parameter 41). This Qubino options lacks this functionality. Qubino modules do offer power metering (which is now available on the dimmer V2 by FIBARO). Qubino modules have the option to connect a temperature temperature sensor. Qubino modules need a blue wire and a only work with a momentary button (Other dimmer modules work with 2-wire connections). FIBARO modules have a maximum wattage of 500W with Triac (250W with mosfet technology  for the V2 module) and Qubino modules can have a load of 200W with mosfet technologie. At the moment Mosfet-dimtechnology is the best technology for dimming LED's. On the other hand, Mosfet is very sensitive to signal sent by provider to swith on the public lights etc.



Differences between Z-wave smart home modules, summary:

Qubino does, FIBARO some, only v2 of the modules do. 


FIBARO does, Qubino only V2 of the modules. 
Version 1 qubino modules can only switch 230V. The newer modules work as a relais and therefore they can be used for alternative current or potential free. smart home relais modules off you great possibilities, as you can see in our 


Qubino works with mosfet technology, FIBARO v1 was triac, but their new dimmer V2 is also Mosfet, but it stills needs a dimmer bypass. Mosfet is the best technology for low voltage.


Maximum dimpower:
The First FIBARO dimmer can dim up to 500W, the V2 version can dim up to 250W. For lower wattages there are dimmerbypasses available for loads < 25Watt. For the dimmer v2 FIBARO has developed a special dimmer bypass.



Qubino modules cannot be used with double and tripple press commands. Some FIBARO modules (dimmer and blind module) do have that option. See this video. With Z-wave scene activation (parameter 41) you can start a scene by 2clicks or 3clicks. to make this work you need a momentary button.


Z-wave smart home switchgear;
The smart home module will replace the switch in the junctionbox. The module therefore will controll the load (light). The switch is connected to the smart home automation module.  Both the switch as a command from the Z-wave controller are inputs for the Z-wave module. There are differentt types of switches. Most people have on/off switches (bistable) installed, for smart home systems its better to use momentary switches. We at ROBbshop understand this sounds confusing, thats why we wrote an article about different
 types of switches.

As mentioned before, the best smart home module is the modules that complies to your expertations. Based on this information you should be able to choose the right module.

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