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Which type of switch should i use?

2 Result(s)
2 Result(s)

Which type of switch should i use?


FIBARO insert modules can be used with standard on/off switches. These smart home modules are placed in the junction box behind the switch. Usually there is just enough space (min. 50 mm deep boxes). Most Z-wave smart home modules need power (Live and Neutral) to operate, we call this a 3wire system. This means you need a blu wire avalaible in the junction box. Since this is not always the case its worth checking before you buy Z-wave smart home switches. If there is no blue wire you can either install a blue wire or you can use a FIBARO dimmer module, since this is the only module that will work without the presence of a blue wire. This is called a 2-wire system installation.



What about your excisting switch?

As already mentioned you can keep using your excisting switches. Although we at ROBBshop advice you to change your swithgear to momentary switches since you can do a lot more with these switches
-  U cannot only turn a light on or of by a pulse, you can also dim the light by keeping it pressed.
-  Because the switch returns to neutral position, it will always work in the same way, as where a normal switch would change working direction when the lights are controlled by a smartphone or tablet.



Note about Qubino dimme modules

In contradiction to the FIBARO dimmer module, where you can use a normal switch to control the module, a  qubino dimmer only works with a momentary button and needs a blue wire)!

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