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What is a virtual device in a Home Center 2

What is a virtual device?

And what can i do with it?



The FIBARO Home Center 2 has an option called "virtual appliances", what  is it and what can it do for me.
With a Home Center 2 Z-wave devices can be controlled, manually or by means of a scene. This i think you know.

Fact is that more and more devices (cameras, TV, stereo, Sonos, Philips HUE) are smart as well. This means they can receive commands over the network using an app specially developed for this purpose. The disadvantage is that there is an app for each device and this can come in very unhandy.

Using a virtual device this can be solved. A virtual device consists of a self-select buttons. Behind the buttons LUA code can be put which is executed or when you press the button (by hand or via a scene). With this it is thus possible to control non-Z-wave devices within the network. You can then press the 1 button off everything, including non Z-wave devices. Naturally, the own apps just work!

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