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Vera registration problems

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Ik cannot register my Vera Lite/ Vera 3 at GetVera, what to do?


GetVera (formerly know as  MiCasaVerde) has upgraded there software from versino 5 to version 7. And the company is purchased by GetVera.com. Some controller are still running UI5. UI5 works via  cp.mios.com en registration for UI7  via GetVera. When regestering doenst work,go to cp.mios.com first. After this you can continue.

If, for whatever reason, the procedure still doenst work, you can downgrade to UI5 by the following procedure:

(Your PC needs to be in the same network as your Vera controller)

- from the dashboard go to  “SETUP” → "Firmware”
- copy this link : http://download.mios.com/rt3662_betafirmware/rt3662_Luup_ui5-1.5.622-en-mios.squashfs and paste this in the textbox
  “Advanced: URL for Vera custom firmware”.
- Click on “download” button and click save
- After you pressed "start" you should have a working controller within 20 minutes.

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