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Remotely control your Z-wave controller

5 Result(s)
5 Result(s)

Hoe do I configure my Z-wave gateway for remote controll

(Remote control via portforwarding)


When you connect your Z-Wave controller to your network, the controller will get an IP-adres from your (DHCP) router. Your router acts as IP distribution point. This is called the DHCP server. With an IP scanning tool, you can  easily find  the IP address of your smart home gateway. For FIBARO you can also use the FIBARO Finder app (Windows and Mac).
Once your Z-wave gateway has booted, U can usually create an account on the manufacterer webiste (i.e Fibaro or GetVera). But you can also controll the gateway without an account. When in your local IP-network this is easy, just use the local IP-adress to connect to your gateway, but when away from hme this is more tricky. When you still want to control your gateway without an account, you should use portforwarding.

How does this work?

On the app on your phone does you will not use your the local IP-address (i.e. to connect to your gateway, you need to use the public IP-adres of your modem *. To find out the public IP-adress of your modem click here. When you fill in this IP-adress in your app you will connect to your router, the only thing you need to add is a portnumber. A portnumber is used to redirect the signal within your local network to the right local IP-adress of your gateway. Some ports are not available such as port 80. ROBBshop recommends port 4567. How this is done depends on the brand of your modem/router. Login to your modem/router by entering the IP-adress of your modem (i.e.  
We also encourage you to give the Z-Wave controller, a static IP address, but not this hard to enter into the Z-Wave controller.
Most DHCP devices based on the MAC address of a device to publish a fixed IP address (DHCP reservation).


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