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Z-wave technology : The Mesh Network


Z-Wave wireless technology uses the so-called "mesh" technology. What is it exactly and what are the benefits?

Everyone knows that radio signals have a limited range and the ceilings and walls, but also other wireless devices, can limit the signal (and thus the range). In other words, this means that the signal cannot reach the recipient if there are to many obstacles. To tackle this problem the Z-Wave protocol uses MESH technology. When the Z-wave controller is not in direct range of a module,  the controller may attempt to send the command via another Z-wave module which is both reachable by the controller and the adressed module. By including more modules in a network will continue to be entirely reliable. Only current-fed modules participate in the mesh network. In practice, this means that Z-wave sensors, do not participate.


Figure Mesh-technology



Z-wave maasnetwerk

In bovenstaand figuur kan de Zender de ontvanger niet bereiken.



Z-wave mesh technologie

Via a Mesh-network the gateway can reach the reciever via node 3


When you add a device via the primary gateway, the MESH table will be updated. This mesh-table contains information about which smart module is neighboured with which other module. The same apllies when you delete a device, the mesh table. When you move a Z-wave module, the mesh-network will change and the mesh-table needs to be updated. Please refer to your manual how to do a Z-wave network update.


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