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How does a smart home automation zone heating system works

How does a multizone cv heating in a smarthome automation systeem work?


We often get the question on how to control a heating system from within a smarthome automatin controller. How do we controll a heating system?
ROBBshop explains.

1 As is situation.

A traditional heating system consists of a thermostat in the livingroom. You set  the desired temperature on the thermostat. If the desired temperature (Tgew) is higher than the ambient temperature (Tamb), the thermostat will switch a relay and the heating system starts to produce heat. The heat goes to all radiators with open radiatorvalves. a thermostatic radiatorvalve will close automatically when the set temperature  [Tradk]) is reached.
Note :the thermostatic radiator will not switch on the heater ! It only shuts off the warm watersupply when the set temperature is reached. If there is no heat needed in the Living room (where the thermostat is placed) the heating system will not produce any heat and therefore no other room will recieve warm water



2 Multizone heating through smart home automation systeem.

We will explain the system by a drawing where a smart house with a smart home heating system installed. We didnt draw the pipes so the drawing is more clear.

1) We fitted a  boiler switch on the heating system (this module recieves commands from the Z-wave gateway)
2) Every radiato is equiped with a Z-wave radiator valve (Danfoss Living connect thermostatic radiatorvalve)
3) To complete the system we need a Z-wave wall thermostat to set Tgew , and to measure the actual temp Tomg, and to copy Tgew to TRadk

To create a working multizone heatinsystem based on Z-wave technology you need the items mentioned above and a script as well that checks every xx minutes the status of every room and to siwtch on the boiler switch to activate the boiler if a room needs heat. 

The script:

- Runs every 5 minutes. (can be more or less)
- Copys the Set temperature from the wallthermostat (Tgew) to the Z-wave radiator valve (TRadk)
- Checks per room if Tgew>Tomg and activates the boilerswitch, if for all rooms Tomg>=Tgew than we can deactivate the boilerswitch


Multizone verwarming op basis van home automation



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