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Smarthome Shop

See smarthome in reallife | ROBBshop 

That is possible. ROBBshop knows that smart home  automation is still difficult to understand. Even though we can explain a lot on our website with various examples and projects, sometimes it's just better to see it in real life. That is why we have openened a showroom in Oss and our demo house in Empel. With many Z-Wave home automation solutions you will get a good understanding of the pro's and con's of smart home technologie. To give an impression of what to see in our demo rooms, we give you on this page already an impression. Please feel free to contact us to come over once the coffee is ready.


Option 1 : Our smarthome-store in Oss

In Oss (Gasstraat oost 14a) we have  our Z-wave home automation shop  (in the building of GoMaxx.com ). During their opening times you can, while enjoying a cup of coffee, all controllers see into force. We can explain in great detail the differences between the various types.

The ROBBshop smart home shop is opened:

Monday 09.30 - 17.00 18:00 - 21:00
Tuesday to Friday 09.00 - 18.00
Saturday 09.00 - 17.00
1st + 3rd Sunday of month                           12.00 - 16.00

Check our Facebook: /ROBBshop page to avoid disappointment (+31 73-7620762).


Option 2 : The ROBBshop demo house in Empel

Our Smarthome demohouse is equiped with tons of Z-wave smart home products such as the FIBARO Home Center 2. There is an Satel alarm systeem installed and connected with the FIBARO Home Center 2. Both Foscam and Dahua cameras keep an eye on the premisses and they store data on a synology NAS.
The demohouse is open to visit after you made an appointment, please contact ROBB on +31 6 54 637 660


Driveway and garage

Camera and Z-Wave doorbel

Whenever you ring the doorbel at our demo house in Empel it activates a binary sensor within the the Z-Wave smarthome automation system. The front camera is automatically directed to the front door because the FIBARO Home Center sent a command to the camera to select a particular camera preset after it gets a signal from the binary sensor. A picture is made which is sent by e-mail. The moving images are stored on Synology NAS. Furthermore, a push message is sent to both our smartphones so that we can see who is at the frontdoor in case were not home. 



We can open the garagedoor remotely so friends and family can already enter the house. There is even a special package-preset. The alarm is temporarily disarmed and the garagedoor is only partly opened so the mailman can deliver his package.

                     Z-wave deurbel foto binaire sensorDoorbel photo    


Electrical charging unit 

At the driveway we have installed a charging point for our electrical car. With a Z-wave module we can switch in on and of. The Hem-1 powermeter records the consumed powerusage of the car.


Hallway and electrical cabinet

Z-Wave curtainrail and Satel alarmsystem

At the entrance of the ROBBshop demohouse you'll find a Z-wave curtain system by Forest which automaticly closes at a certain time (and when the door is closed). Via the app on a smartphone or tablet you can always overrule this and open or close the curtain. Its even possible to manualy controll the curtain by pulling it a little bit. ROBBshop also sells a more economic system called Kallox. This system will not inform you about its position, you can only give it a open or close command. furthermore it has no slow-start/stop and its controlled by a steel cable wheresas the Forest system uses a kevlar belt with thooths.


In the hallway is also the control panel of the Satel Integra Alarmsysteem. This alarm system integrates with the FIBARO Home Center 2. Because they are integrated you can also use the sensors of Satel in your home automation. Also the alarm portion can be linked to the security system. This means that you can start scenes when the alarm is triggered. So, lights on when the alarm is triggered, lights off when the alarm is engaged and push messages. 



In the electrical cabinet we have a smartmeter installed. Via the BeNext controller we can monitor our energy use of the house. This used to be a vera3 wirh a smart meter cable



All windows in the demohouse have electrical blinds with FIBARO rollershutter modules. With a simple scene we can automaticly open/close them. This creates a very comfortable house where you feel at home and it saves enery as well.


Living Room

Multimedia control and Sonos

Our multimedia equipment (TV, amplifier, etc) mainly work with IR-commands. With an iTach WF2IR controller we controll these devices. The Home Center 2 sents an API-command to the IP-adres of the iTach which is converted to an IR-signal. This is how we integrated IR in our smart home automation system. See the movie below.

Furthermore we use Sonos as our music and our 5.1 entertainment system. 


Multimedia control and Sonos

In our livingroom we have a RGB-strip and some Philips HUE devices. With a push of a button we can change the atmosphere from watchingTV to reading a book or listen to music. Next a short video of the RGBW-strip fitted behind the multimedia wall in the living room.




FIBARO and Nest integration

In the living room we have a NEST thermostat that is integrated in the FIBARO HC2. Take a look at our virtual device.




In the kitchen we have connected a FIBARO wallplug via association to a floodsensor. This to protect us from waterflooding caused by the dishwasher.


RGB module

In the kitchen we also have a RGB module to add colored lightning.




Automatic bathroomventilation by Z-wave

So true.. When in the shower you realize you've forgotten to switch the ventilation to turbo. Waterdamp all over the place. This will not happen when u intall our ventilation sytem based on smart home ventilation. Instead of leaving the warm shower to manually turn on the turbo mode you can modify your 
perilex switch to make it smart home proof. When the humidity reaches a value of  90% is, a  Z-Wave humiditysensor sends a Z-wave signal to a 2x1,5kW module from FIBARO that activates the turbo mode of the ventilation system. This is one of the best projects we have done!  

But there is more. Downstairs in the toilet we put a  FIBARO dimmer module module that, when pressed 3 times quickly, also activates the turbo mode. The dimmer sends a special code to the Z-wave controller when pressed 3 times quickly. Based on that input we can start a scene to remove air when needed :) See video below.



We have a sonos:amp connected to the waterproof speakers in the bathoom. When you enter the bathroom the music starts playing (but only between 7.00 and 23.00).




Automatic 3point lock

In de shed we have installed an electric 3-point lock. We connected a 3kw module from FIBARO as a relais. When the FIBARO is activated the doorlock is released.
Never worry about a forgotten key :)

The second video shows the final result. The electronic lock is fitted and offers next to a great ease-of-use also a high level of safety due to the fact that all 3 safetypins will lock the door when closed.



There is a Sonos Play:5 placed in the shed, which only playes when somebody is around. An easy scene based on a motion sensor is used to determine wether the music should play.  





Automatic rollerblind

there is an automatic rollerblind that opens and closes automaticly based on sunset/sunrise.


Ligtning associations

 In the video below we explain how associations work. They work very well for our bedroom lightning.








How cool is that? you connect you smartphone to a charger and the house goes in sleeping mode. How? See this.



 ROBBshop in the media


The ROBBshop demhouse was presented in an episode of 'mijn-leven-mijn-gezondheid'.




This page is far from complete, the ROBBshop demo house is constantly changing and adding stuff. Come and see for yourself!






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