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Wireless Smarthome

Wireless home automation | Everything is wireless, why not?

"In the past" home automation was expensive because all of your electrical installation had to be adjusted. It was the time that the home phone was on a table in the corner.
Nowadays we only call mobile. And that is the same with domotics. The need to pull wires to the meter cupboard is a thing of the past.
We just stop a module behind the switch and ready-to-go.
Now there are several wireless systems. Below the most important.

Z-wave (+)
An open standard å la WiFi. The most used open platform for wireless home automation. A professional wireless home automation system with amplifier function and 2-way communication. The most used wireless home automation system.

Zigbee is a new protocol. It is already widely used but especially for "closed" systems like Philips HUE. It is becoming more open.

433Mhz Budget Smarthome
Wireless home automation has become familiar with this. Everyone knows the click-on-click-off switches from Trust. Not expensive but also less reliable because you do not have a 2-way signal, and no amplifier function.

WiFi home automation
WiFi home automation. Simply connect your device to your WiFi Router and you're done. Why then all those other systems? Firstly, because WiFi is not the best protocol for home automation. In particular, the high energy consumption ensures that there are no battery-powered smart devices. And that is quite a big disadvantage. Yet there are a lot of devices that are smart and work with WiFi.

HomeKit Home automation
Just like WiFi home automation, HomeKit domotica also has a disadvantage. It only works with Apple products. And thus it is not suitable for the group of Android users.

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