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What is Smarthome?

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Smarthome | What it is and what it can do


Control all electronics in your home via your mobile or tablet. Home automation is the blue wire for your home electronics, like the red thread in a book: it connects everything. Never again you need to turn off all the lights, lower the temperature in the bedrooms one by one or to worry about whether your child has turned off his computer or TV. With home automation it can be controlled at the touch of a button!

Arrange your home at work
Home automation connects and controls the electronics in your home. This allows you, for example, to turn off all your lights at once, but also ensure that the lights turn on automatically when you open your front door, the energy output of your solar panels is regulated, your thermostat is automatically lowered as soon as you switch on your alarm and you can even letting your (electronic) dog bark and automatically turn on a light as soon as your sensors pick up movement around your house.

Home automation saves you money
But home automation does not only make living relaxed, comfortable and safe, it also saves money. After all, lights are only on when needed, just like the heating. Automaticly turn on the washing machine while you went to work? With smarthome devices you can switch it off remotely when the washing program is finished. Energy waste is past tense with home automation. Very handy with such an expensive teenager in the house;).

WiFi and go ...
Sounds fancy and (too) complicated to install? Chances are that you already have domotics at home. The SONOS music system or the Nest thermostat are examples of domotics.

Do you have a network? WiFi? That is all you need. With a simple base station and a number of sensors and switches / dimmers you are already done.

No major renovation needed? Nope. The big advantage of wireless domotics is that it is retrofit, in other words you can connect it to your existing network. In addition to a lot of rubbish, also a lot of money. In addition, the integration of different systems has also improved enormously. This way your alarm can lower your thermostat and your motion sensor activates an MP3 file of a barking dog played through your SONOS speakers. The combination possibilities are endless.

Wat is Domotica | Wij leggen het uit.

Homey | Everything connected 

How exactly does that work? Simple. The domotics base station is connected to your local network and thus your switches. The sensors pass on information to the base station (about, for example, movement in your garden or that your bathroom becomes very humid if you have been in the bath for an hour), after which the base station controls your switches and switches on the light or switches on the ventilation. Via the base station you can automatically program so-called 'scenes' such as turning lights on when you enter the garage or turning off computers and TVs at 23:00. Convenient with adolescents and against overwork;).

No complicated or expensive renovations. And via the app on your phone or tablet you can see and operate everything! Click here to choose the right base station for your home.


Where would we be without Latin
Is there a deeper meaning behind the name domotica itself? Hell yes! No progress without history: the word domotica consists of two parts: 'domo' is Latin for home and 'tica' stands for informatics, telematics and robotics. Home automation therefore means 'home automation', ie the automatic operation of your home.

But perhaps 'hyacinthum filum' covers the load better. Because that is Latin for 'the blue thread' - the line that connects all your electronics.


The next step is to select a gateway. More information about gateways is found here.

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