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What is FIBARO

FIBARO : Beautifull Z-wave products from Poland. 


Polish originated FIBARO is market leader when it comes to Z-wave smart home automation. They make beautiful actors and sensros and they produce, according to many,  the best Z-Wave home gateways; the Home Center Lite and Home Center 2. Beautiful design and with smart functionalities. All products are made of high quality materials and FIBARO has thought about every detail. For example their insert modules 1x3kW and 2x1,5kW are true relais so you cannot only switch 230V but also 12/24-volt or even potential free switches can be connected. The Z-Wave modules are packed with parameters, so you can change a lot of settings. And of course, all modules are incredibly small, so they almost always get your existing switchgear. But they make more, from multifunctional Z-Wave door sensors which can be used as temperature sensor, and can even be used as a potential free pressure contact.  One of their best sellers is the FIBARO wallplug which has a stunning design. With the binary sensor you can make a Z-wave sensor of almost any ordinary sensor or module. The FIBARO Group rapidly developed new products. Their latest product is the FIBARO dimmer 2.



FIBARO Z-wave Home center 2

Item code : FGHC2  (EAN 5902020528012)
Superfast Z-wave smart home automation controller with beautiful design.
The top of the bill add smart home automation with style to your house

  • Superfast energie effcicient processor (1,6Ghz);
  • Stylish aluminium casing;
  • extende sceneprograming with grafical blocks or via LUA-coding;
  • Maximum 230 modules;

Z-wave gateway FIBARO Home Center 2



FIBARO Home center Lite

Item code : FGHCL (EAN code 5902020528234)
Smaller borther of the Home Center 2. Same beautifull interface, energy efficient 720Mhz A8 processor, just a smaller price.
Most important differences with its great brother are:

  • Less powerfull processor (720Mhz vs 1,6Ghz);
  • Plastic instead of Aluminium casing;
  • Great performance, Small size (only 93x93x33 mm);
  • No support for LUA programing, scenes only with grafical blocks. Click here for example;
  • Maximum 230 modules; 

FIBARO Home Center Lite


FIBARO Z-wave insert modules

Item codes (FGD212 /FGD211 / FGR-221 / FGRM-222 / FGS-211 / FGS-221) 
FIBARO makes the smalles smart home modules in the world. And when you buy them from us you will get a discount when you order more than 1. Please contact us for pricing, or make an account and login. These modules can do so much more than just switch on and off lights. Next to the relais switches that can be use for a number of solutions like a Z-wave garagedoor or Z-wave smart home ventilation system, there are dimmers RGBW modules. What you can make is determent by your imagination. Take a look at projectspage, or visit the shop in Oss or our demohouse in Empel (please call before you come).


FIBARO z-wave inbouwmodule


FIBARO Z-wave Door and Windowsensor

Item codes (FGK-101 t/m FGK-107)
Design door- and windowsensor with smart home functionality. Optional temperature sensor. Module can also be used as binary input.
From now you always know when doors or windows are left open. Available in 7 colors.

FIBARO raam en deur sensor


FIBARO universal binairy sensor

Item code : FGBS-001 (EAN code 5902020528074)
A masterpiece in detail to connect the old world to the new world. Convert your excisting doorbell to a smart home automated doorbell by adding a binary sensor from FIBARO.
With this doorbel you can recieve messages when someone rings your doorbell.

FIBARO universele sensor



FIBARO Z-wave wallplug

Item code : FGWPE-101 / FGWPG-101 (5902020528128 / 5902020528135)
A true masterpies by FIBARO. The smallest en pretiest Z-wave wall plug available. Multipurpose, you can even use it as nightlight for your kids. The smart modules has a build in Z-wave network tester. Available in 2 versions. 



FIBARO tussenstekker



FIBARO Z-wave RGBW controller

Item code : FGRGBWM-441 (EAN 5902020528159)
With the FIBARO RGBW controller you can control all LED-strips. Weather they are Ikea LEDs or any other make, it doenst matter, they can all be controlled with this smart home led controller. Brings atmosphere to you house or office. Click here for an example.

FIBARO z-wave rgbw controller




FIBARO Z-wave Floodsensor

Item code ; FGFS-101 (EAN 5902020528142)
Smart home floodsensor with temperature sensor and buildin sirene. A good smarthome system contains some sensors to insure the safetey of your house. For sure you can use it as an messagesystem for waterproblems.  This well-designed watersensor will not only sent a signal to the Z-wave gateway, it will also produce a accoustic and a light signal.

FIBARO z-wave water sensor




FIBARO Z-wave smokesensor

EAN code : FGSS-001 (EAN 5902020528241)
Fibaro's smokesensor is smaller than you think!! Like all other FIBARO products this smart home smoke sensor is well designed and full op options. It will detect fire and smoke, has a build in temperature and tamper sensor.

FIBARO Smoke Sensor




FIBARO Z-wave motion sensor

Item code FGMS-001 (EAN 5902020528258)
Smart home multisensor by FIBARO, also called the FIBARO motion sensor. The sensor looks like an eye and is only 44millimeter small. Next to motion this Z-wave sensor detects temperature, lightvalue in LUX and earthqaukes! The well desisgned sensor has many settings.


FIBARO Motion Sensor




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