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Installation of FIBARO System

FIBARO Home center Installation | ROBBshop will help you explore the options!

After opening the box of containing your new FIBARO Home Center you want to get started right away. Here is a quick start guide.

1. Installation of your Home Center 2 / Lite.

1.1  Take the controller out of the box and connect the power supply.
1.2  Connect your controller with the supplied Network cable to your router.
1.3  Turn on the controller (if needed) via the button.
1.4  The controllers are set for DHCP and you get a automatic IP-address from your router.
1.5  To find out which IP-address was supplied you can use the FIBARO Finder app. Get it here  (Windows/Mac).    

Installeren FIBARO systeem

Image : FIBARO finder app

1.6  Upon launching the FIBARO Finder App your Home Center should automatically be listed (if not click on refresh).   

FIBARO Home Center login scherm

1.7  You can now click on connect and it will take you to the login screen in your browser.
1.8  The first time use the standard login admin and password admin.
1.9  Congratulation, you have just logged in on your Home Center for the very first time

Video : Installation video FIBARO Home Center 

The next step is to create a account at home.fibaro.com. In this account you can manage and controll multiple Home Centers. This account is also required to log in via the app on your smartphone or tablet (Android/iOS)

2. Creating a account at FIBARO.com.

2.1  Go to https://id.cloud.fibaro.com
2.2  Click register to create your account.
2.3  Fill in the requested information. 
       Attention this does not have to match your local account info on your Home Center!
2.4  Once you have completed the process you can then click on ADD HC.
2.5  You will be asked for the Home Center Serial number and Mac address. You can see these in the Finder App.
2.6  Now you can start controlling your Home Center from anywhere in the world.

3. Installing the FIBARO app on your smartphone or tablet.

 Screenshot FIBARO app op de iphone
3.1  On your device go to the Gool Play or App store and install the FIBARO app.
3.2  Use the account details of your home.fibaro.com account. Do not use your local account data here.
3.3  The app can now locate your Home Center (automatically).
3.4  Here you might need to fill in the local account data.
3.5  The app is now configured and ready for use.
Note:It is possible to create multiple local accounts (besides "admin") in the Home Center. This makes it possible to create a per-person rights configuration. Each user can get his own rights on a device and scene level. Any newly added device is defaulted to not visible for other users.

So let's start with configuring the basic settings like timezone and location. This provides accurate time and weather details. Also we may find out there are new updates available

The FIBARO tablet looks as follows.


screenshot van FIBARO app op tablets

Warning: Don't always be too quick with updating to the latest version and always create a backup before doing so. A lot of times the update will be labeled BETA which may still contain certain bugs. The general rule of thumb here is: if it aint broke, don't try to fix it. Something went wrong anyways and you would like to reset the software. Read about it here..



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