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FIBARO modules include

Including Z-wave modules to a FIBARO Homecenter

In this section we will explain how you add Z-wave modules to your FIBARO Homecenter

1) Make sure the module is within range of the Home Center 2.
2) Depending on the module : connect to mains/ inser batteries/ connect the power adapter
3) Go to “Devices” section of your Home Center.
FIBARO home center modules toevoegen4) Press the “Add or remove device” button.

FIBARO Home center 2 include5) Press the “Add” button to put the main controller into learning mode. The duration of the learning mode can be adjusted here by changing the value (30 seconds by default).

FIBARO include button

6) Home Center is waiting for adding the device. 

FIBARO inclusion modus

 7) Quickly press three times the B-button (located in the center of the device).

Including FIBARO Binaire sensor

8) The Z-wave module (FIBARO Universal Binary Sensor) will be detected and included into the system.

9) Now you can configure your Binary Sensor, give it a name and assign to a specific room.



More Z-wave inclusion videos 

 FIBARO RGBW module:

FIBARO flood sensor :

 FIBARO door&window sensor 

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