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Fibaro:get command



Action :

This command recieves the status of a property from a device. In particular 'value' and 'time last modified'. This function is part of a group of functions.
 these functions only differ in the values they return.


Usage and parameters :

fibaro:get(DeviceID, propertyname)

  • DeviceID: The ID of the device of which we need to now the values.
  • propertyname: The name of the property that needs to be questioned.


Returned value :

This function returns to values.

  1. A string with tha actual value of the setting and,
  2. A timestamp of when the value was last changed.

The values are returned in string format, when u want to convert it to a number you need to use the  tonumber() command.


Programming example :

-- Ask the value of 'brighness' of device 11 and tel me when it was last changed.
local value, lastchange = fibaro:get(11, 'brightness');

-- In lua you can also leave out the 2nd variable
-- so this will also work
local value2 = fibaro:get(11, 'brightness');

-- The returned value kan be used to start a task
-- for example, turn of the the device when brightness comes above 50.
if (tonumber(value) > 50) then


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