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FIBARO Home Center plugins

(Virtual devices) 

Your FIBARO Home Center can do much more than just control Z-Wave devices. And that's very good, as more and more devices (HUE, Litter, SONOS) all have their own app.

All smart devices work very well with their own app. But with more and more smart devices in your house it will soon become a app jungle. What you need is one device than can controll all your smart devices, not just your Z-wave lights, your HUE lights or the NEST. FIBARO can do this for you. With the virtual-devices option as it is called you can sent command via the network (API-call).  This possibilty opens all doors for a single button smart home operation. Ligths off, TV-on, temperature set to TV wachting mode, all with the push of one button. To do this you might need some additional virtual devices that you can control from within scenes.

Therefore ROBBshop itself developed a number of "virtual devices" that allow you to control these devices or from a scene.

ROBBshop has developed virtual device for the following products
Home Center 2 + SONOS speakers
Home Center 2 + Nest Thermostat
Home Center 2 + Philips HUE lights
Home Center 2 + Heatmiser thermostat NEO

With these devices make it possible to the IP address, the port, and may be required to set a device ID.
Viruele these devices are with us for free. After creating an account, you can put them in your shopping cart.



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