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Z-wave zoneheating part 2

 Z-wave zone heating bathroom 2.0

When the temperature outside drops, we get more questions from clients how they can control there heating system via there z-wave controller. You can replace youre wall 
thermostat with a z-wave thermostat  z-wave thermostat, but they want more than that. they want a z-wave multizone heatin system. Dit is possible but requires a lot of knowlegde 
(for example LUUP or LUA programming). Mostly people want to heat there bathroom in the morning, without heating up the living room.
With this project we want to show you how you can do this the easy way :) 

Used items:

Z-wave thermostaat valve for every radiator in living and bathroom.
Z-wave boilerswitch (or another Z-wave switch).

U don't need to use a bypass on you're system if you leave 1 radiator partialy open.


Replace the old thermostatvalve with the z-wave version on all the radiators in the living (and kitchen?) and the one in the bathroom. Make sure that at least 1 radiator has a normal valve and is opened. Connect the boilerswitch parallel over the wires to activate the heater (they are normaly connected to the wallthermostat/ or other boiler actuator. Now you can manualy
fire up the heater. We advise you to make a notification when the z-wave boiler actuator is activated (to prevent the heater to turn on by accident).

make the following heating scene in youre z-wave controller

If u want the bathroom to be warm every day at 06.00 am, you could use the following scene:

 -  at 04.00 set the thermostaatvalves in the living on 5 degrees and the bathroom thermostat on 21 degrees
   Because battery operated z-wave devices only wake every so often we need to sent the signal in advance.
-  at 05.45 switch on the boiler actuator to sent heat to the bathroom radiator
   thermostats in the living will close, since they dont want heat.
-  Switch the boiler actuator of at 06.00 (or a bit later0, just test which time gives you the best temperature
-  at 06.30 change back the settings of the z-wave thermostats (livingroom/kitchen back to 21 and bathroom to 17).

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