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Z-wave video-intercom system

Z-wave video intercom with birectional speech.

Update : 15-12-2015 As from today the RING doorbel has  IFTT integration. Using the maker-app its possible to sent commands to for example a FIBARO Homecenter. See also our OpenTherm project where we use this option.

Many people are asking us about the FIBARO video intercom system. The FIBARO video intercom is not been announced yet. We are not sure this will be available then, so we decided to develop our own Z-wave doorbell with video and audio. Read below what is can and how we fixed it.


RING WiFi connected video doorbell with speech

The RING video doorbel is a standalone doorbel intercom with speech. Although it has a internal battery, we adivce you to connect it to your excisting doorbell so it will be charged by the doorbell trafo. Once connected to your WiFi your good to go. Install the RING via your smartphone app!


Z-wave connection with the RING

Unfortunatly this smart home intercom doesnt support Z-wave, so ROBBshop has created a connection. There are 2 options to add Z-wave functionality to the RING video intercom.

Option 1 : Via Wallplug

What do we need?
Z-wave controller
Ring doorbel
- Chime (included with Ring doorbel pro)
- Wallplug with powermetering

After installing and connecting the RING doorbel you only need to plug the Chime into the Wallplug and voilá.  The Chime uses energy (because it plays a sound) when the doorbel is pressed. Based on the actual power usage you can start  a scene that sends a push message to your phone.

Thanks to Kariem!



Option 2 : Via FIBARO Universal Sensor

What do we need?
- Z-wave controller
- Ring doorbel
- FIBARO Universal sensor
- AC relais

The problem we ran into was the fact that a doorbell works on 8VAC and the binary sensor needs a potential free contact. We couldnt use the relais from our other project since this relais works on DC voltage only. We found a suitable relais and with this we were able to create the connection. The FIBARO Universal sensor can trigger a scene in the Z-wave controller. Voilla!

The scematic figure of the Z-wave video intercom looks as follows: 

Z-wave doorbel based on RING doorbel


Detail connection Satel AC relais

Detail  : Connections Z-wave doorbel

- The ring doorbel is fitted and connected of the place from the old pushbutton
- In parralel you connect 2 extra wires (the red wires) and connect these to the AC power of the relais
- The binaire sensor has its own 12VDC powersupply
- The green and the blue wire from the binary sensor are connected to the NO side of the relais.
  (instead of the green you can also take the yellow, this is the 2nd input of the binary switch)

When the pushbutton of the ringbel is operated the binary sensor should sent a message to the FIBARO controller.


Installation video for the RING doorbel

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