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Z-wave security for blinds

Z-wave Rollershutter Security | Prevend collisions


Automatic rollershutter control is supercool and very clever. Every day after sunset automaticly closing the blinds is very comfortable. But what if the window is still open? The blind will crash on the window when it opens to the outside. A small scene can prevent this from happening. U need a smart home door window sensor with Z-wave technology and off you go.


Option 1: Via a scene

For best result set the desired parameter (41 or 50) of the rollershutter to scene activation.

Scene activering FIBARO Raam-Deursensor


The small LUA script you need:

%% properties
21 sceneActivation 
21 value
%% globals
open = fibaro:getValue(117, "value"); 
local startSource = fibaro:getSourceTrigger();
if ( tonumber(fibaro:getValue(117, "value")) > 0 ) then
    fibaro:call(21, "open");          

ID 21  : the ID of the rollershutter (use your own ID)
ID117 : the ID of the door/window sensor (use your own ID)
21 sceneActivation
is used in combination with parameter 41. When the fysical button on the rollershutter is pressed, this scene will be activated.

21 Value makes sure the scene starts when the roller shutter is activated by an app (smartphone, tablet, pc)

We thinkit must be possible to use a part of this scene in a Home Center Lite as well. You have to use grafical blocks as the Home Center lite doesnt have the LUA coding option.



Option 2 : Via a parameter

A second option is to use a varibale. This is handy when a scene triggers another scene. When scenes trigger each other, conditons are not transferred. A variable is the solution.

In 4 steps we show you how this is done.

FIBARO variabele aanmaken

In the figure above we declare the variable in the variable panel. When the value of the variable changes a scene can be triggered..

Step 2: we create a scene for closing the blinds and checking the status of the door/window. Pay attention to the fact that the trigger for the scene a variable is.
The scene will run once the value of the variable 'blindsgarden' changes.

FIBARO block scene

You can put the scene on hidden if you want. When the value of blindsgarden changes to 1 en the door is safe then the blinds will close. As you can see we change the variable back to 0 at the end of the scene.

Step 3: Now we will create a scene to change the value of the variable, that will activate the previous scene.

When we press key 8 on the remote we change the status of the variabel and the first scene will be triggered. One scene triggers another scene.

Now we have the problem that when you test the scene, the scene is not ended because the door is not safe. And therefore the variable blindsgarden is not reset to the value 0. The blinds will no longer close when we run the scene again.

Thats why we need this step to reset the variable when the door is closed.


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