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Z-wave heatmiser thermostat integration

NEO thermostaat & FIBARO Home Center 2 | Connecting 2 worlds

 After several late night Jacco has done it. We can control the Heatmiser Neo Thermostat from within the Home center 2 system.

A virtual device is now able to read the tempature from the Heatmiser NEO thermostat and set a temperature as well. Heatmiser NEO thermostats use a HUB to communicate. Via the HUB you can connect up to 32 Heatmiser thermsotats.
Follow the following staps to add the Heatmiser Neo in your Z-wave network:

  • Follow the manual of the Heatmiser app to install the thermostat
  • Find the IP-adres of the Heatmiser HUB (the Mac adres starts with 00:04:A3)
  • We suggest that you give it a fixed adress via DHCP reservations in your router.
  • Download our Virtual Device (click here
Import the first virtual device (you need to import as much virtual devices as you have thermostats)


Z-wave thermostaat Heatmiser

Enter the IP-adress and zone number of the thermostat

Virtual Neo

From now on you can controll your Heatmiser thermostat from the HC2.


When you want to control zones based on a name do the following

Its possible to adjust the  “Preset temperaturs”. These presets come in handy for the use within scenes.

local NewTemp = 10


When you are not sure about the zone id's you can get a list of zones when you set the paramater for GetZones to yes--set to "yes" is you want the zones listed in debug

local GetZones = "no" 

Dont forget to put it back to after youre done, otherwise the script will not set the temperature.

You can use your own icons as well. You need to find out the iconnumber of the icon you want to use.

local UseCustomIcons = "yes"
IconOFF = 1003
IconON = 1005

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