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Smart Doorbel Z-wave

Smarthome Doorbel | Ding-Dong i see you

Based on existing doorbel.
Also see our Z-wave video intercom project.

The existing doorbell ( batteries) is a binary sensor FIBARO recorded. The push button and the actual bell are separated and there is the Z-wave sensor FIBARO interposed . The push button serves as input for the binary sensor. The output of the binary sensor switches the actual gong . Because the output of the binary sensor 150mA but can switch , there is a relay disposed between the bell and the output of the sensor. At first we used a 9V battery to power the binary sensor and relay , but this turned out to be empty every two days . The solution was found in a standard 12V power supply which operated both binary sensor as well as the relay. 

Domotica deurbel 

Our Z-wave doorbell 1.0 on the basis of a binary FIBARO sensor ( universal sensor). When the push button is pressed, bell vd the following happens : - 1 input from the sensor gets a binary input - The binary sensor send a z-wave signal is input to the controller and activates one of the two outputs - The relay get switched Gong is activated via the relay. - The Z- Wave controller (such as Vera Edge of the FIBARO Home Center 2 ) is a trigger inside. - With the trigger get a scene started to v.oeren an action ( send push message, lamp in the hallway to , etc). Below are two videos , the first is a video in the Vera controller ( UI5 ) . and shows how to easily create a scene based on a trigger.

The second video shows how to make a scene with trigger in the Homecenter.



What follows is the connection diagram. Our doorbel works on batteries so you might need to change the wiring diagram a bit.



Connection scheme for smarthome doorbell conversion

(based on the new relais)


Smart home doorbel based on FIBARO sensor









Connection scheme z-wave smarthome doorbell


Z-wave deurbel schema


GetVera controllers
There is also a prowl app app available for controller and smartphones. We made a start-up script in LUD (for Vera controlles). Or you can use the pushover application This works on iOs and Android devices.

FIBARO Home Center 2
The Home Center 2 has its own message system en therefore you don't need an extra message broker.
The script needs to be placed in LUA. Use your own token and user.


function pushbericht(text)
local http = require("socket.http")
http.TIMEOUT = 5
local MijnToken ='amqmps3wertwrt7kDtfdwertavgV6nrCpQU'
local MijnUser = 'uDb1FGUwertwertkertwerdwbypNNQgHJgkbq6f'
result, status = http.request("https://api.pushover.net/1/messages.json", "token="..MijnToken.."&user="..MijnUser.."&message="..text.."")



To sent a pushmessage you need to add the following command.


Lua Code Pushover notifcation
This picture show where to place the function 'pushbericht'

Bel aan automation 

LUUP code deurbel

z-wave deurbel trigger


Here you find a youtub movie of the Z-wave doorbel.
For more information see the ROBBshop youtube chanel

Our customer Fred has made an imporvement to save energy
"Time for an upgrade to a green Z-wave doorbell. With this variation you cut down the leakage current of the bell transformer that is always on. Thanks for your great site, it is an inspiration to tackle other sulfur projects."

Slimme deurbel aansluitschema


Another customer warned us for selfinduction. He says a diode can prevent this problem.



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