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Smart Bathroom Ventilation Z-wave

Smart Bathroom Ventilation | Controll humidity automaticly


One of the best and most useful applications of Z-Wave home automation in a house is the automatic moisture extraction for the bathroom. Most homes are equipped with a central mechanical extractor based on a perilex plug (old) or a 0-10volt motor control. ROBBshop has both made an application to incorporate it into a Z-Wave home automation system. What? Read more.

Option  1 | Z-wave connector based based on Perilex plug


Z-wave domotica perplex schakeling 

If you have a mechanical ventilation based on a perilex connector follow the steps below.

- Z-wave insertmodule FIBARO 2x1,5kWh
- Z-wave humiditysensor (EVR_ST814 our favorite is no longer available)

The existing installation consists of a three-speed fan (20-50-70Watt). This fan consumes in the old situation at least 20W (about 175 kWh per year / 37 euros). Through a knob, one could increase the extraction to 50W or 70W.

After the modification of the existing perilex plug with a 2x1.5 kW module of FIBARO and applying a Z-wave moisture sensor in the bathroom, it is now possible to switch from the basic position of 20 W (for example, 1 hour to 4 hours, which results in a saving of 75% on the power consumption), but also an automatic shut-off, and in the higher position (position, in this case, 70 Watt) for discharging the moisture present in the wet area. (check themselves as the connection of the plug perilex. Sometimes just a slightly different connection).

Note: We have the high mode (70W) connected to the output O1 of the 2x1,5kw module FIBARO. The advantage is that this output via association group 2 Everspring ST-814 Z-wave temperature and humidity sensor can be associated (output O2 FIBARO module is not to associate with any group in the sensor). You do not need to recreate scene for Badkamer_afzuiging_aan and out and you are also not affected by a possible Wake-up delay, the sensor immediately sends a signal to the Z-Wave module connected to the high ventilation position!

Another solution is to use a ethernet relais switch.

 Scheme Z-wave showerventilation 

Z-wave bathroom ventilation

In this picture you can see that L3 (middle ventilation position) is not connected. Due to the fact that a FIBARO 2x1.5kw module has only 2 outputs, we choose to use position 1 (low) and L2 (high). You can use the outputs to your convience. The standard options are 1-2-3 and in our case its off-1-3. 




Option  2 | Z-wave bathroom ventilation based 0-10Volt

Z-wave mechanische ventilatie 0-10Volt traploos



More and more houses have no perilex circuit but more modern extraction based 0-10volt. The engine (EBM PAPST)'m being send by a 0-10volt signal.
Unfortunally the 0-10Volt module is no longer available, so we have made an alternative solution.

Materials needed:
- Z-wave RGBW module by FIBARO
- 0-10Volt regelmodule by ROBBshop
- Z-wave Humidity sensor EVR_ST814 by Everspring (no longer available). Please use the AeonLabs sensor.

 The wiring diagram for the sulfuric house ventilation air continuously variable 0-10 volt control is already follows:




Note for connections: White, blue, yellow and red wires are already connected to the circuit board. Although we have tested it yet, we think the RGBW- module can be connected in parallel to the yellow and blue thread.

 A short demonstration video on the operation of the z-wave bathroom ventilation (using the Perilex option).


And an example of home automation bathroom ventilation on the basis of an engine with a 0-10 volt control signal.





Alternative solution for the 0-10Volt motor
Instead of the RGBW-module with PWM output connected to the 0-10V module, we can also use the Qubino 0-10V dimmer. This should work the same.

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