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Thermostat control via FIBARO module

Z-wave Thermostaat control via FIBARO module


Our customer Bart has found a solution to control a 'ordinary' thermostat via Z-wave by integrating a Z-wave module by FIBARO to the system

"Since I started at the time of writing with no Z-wave eneabled thermostat I had to find a way to make my current thermostat Z-wave enabled. For this I chose a FIBARO 1 * 3 KW relay module. By connecting this module between the boiler and print the current thermostat I have offers the ability to, for example, through my telephone to bridge the thermostat, and thus to ensure that my boiler starts to heat. Also, this scheme offers the possibility to read back the status of the heat demand, both via the thermostat and through the closing of the relay contact.
I also at home seer, but this can uiterarad also made into a Vera or home center, a thermostat script. This script uses one of the temperature sensors in my living room as a process value. And will be on the basis of the set value close the relay in order to reach the set temperature.
In my situation, the boiler is controlled by open / close via relay or the relay in the current thermostat. All this is fed from the boiler circuit. also it has 230 required for feeding the FIBARO module and the feedback of the boiler status via an auxiliary relay. "





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