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Maybe its cold outside at the moment, but when we made this project it was 35 degrees (22 june 2017). In a very simple way we connected an excisting terrascooling system to our Z-wave smarthome system. No more than a Wallplug was needed. Still we turned this into a project, because the client requested a interval-option. When the system was continue on, there was too much water production. '20 seconds on and 60 seconds off' was what he wanted.

So thats what we made. How? We will tell you know

What do we have?
- a Z-wave controller (HC2)
- a wallplug operation the pump
- The cooling system.

When the pomp is on the cooling starts

What we did
- We made a virtual device in the HC2
- We programmed a scene to control the interval
- We made 2 variables (SproeiAan en SproeiUit beiing the interval times). 20 seconds on (SproeiAan) and 60 seconds off (SproeiUit)

The idea is to trigger a scene when the wallplug changes state (on-ff off-on). The scene checkes whether the variables are 0 or not. When bigger than 0 (set by the virtual device) the interval mode will run.

The virtual device
We made a device with 4 buttons
- Aan (ON)
- Uit (OFF)
- Interval 1 (20-60 On-Off)
- Interval 2 (20-60 On-Off)


Slimme Terraskoeling

Per switch we use some LUA code to switch on and of the wallplug (in this case ID114). The scene we will use on the background is activated automaticly when the wallplug changes status. The Label at the bottom will display the actual status.

Slimme Terraskoeling

When the pump has to run continue we set the variabel (SproeiAan en SproeiUit) to 0. De scene  will be triggered but will not execute any commands. (See scene below).

Slimme Terraskoeling

When you want to switch of the pump, we also set both variables to 0, to make sure the scene wont do anything when activated. To make sure the scene is stopped we use the command fibaro:killscenes . Just to make sure the scene is stopped.

Slimme Terraskoeling

Pressing this button wil start interval mode 1. The variables are set the scene will do the rest

Slimme Terraskoeling


The scene
To complete the project we need a  scene. The scene is triggered by a status change of the wallplug (114).

Note: Set the value of max. scenes to 2! The scenes will re-activate itsself, at that moment 2 scenes are active. If not the scene will stop working.

FIBARO Max. running instances

The Result
This video shows the refreshing result.


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