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Smartphone sleepscene

Smart Sleeping | Your house know when you are tired

(Based on charging a smartphone)


met uw iPhone Smartphone een domotica slaapscene starten als u naar bed gaat.

Nice little smart home automation project. How cool is it that when you get into bed everything is done automaticly, curtains are closed, al lights off, temperature set to 15 and the blinds close automaticly. Difficult? Not when you do like us.

What do you need?
- Z-wave wallplug with power metering  (FIBARO wallplug)
- Charger and cable for your smartphone
- A short script in your Z-wave controller.

In fact its to easy to explain, make a sleepscene (that does all the things before you go to sleep) thats triggered when the actual power usage of the wallplug is more than 1 or 2 watt. The wallplug uses les than 0.5Watt when not connected to anaything. You can even determine if the powerconsumption of the wallplug itself should be taken in account or not. (parameter 49)

In the HC2 the scene will look something like this

You can modify the scene to your needs.
Cool things can be so easy :)


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