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Smart Home 2 gang switch

Z-wave modules in 2-gang switch

When you have a 2-gang or hotelswitch in your home and you want to know how to connect a Z-wave module, read the following article. After fitting the Z-wave module it is still possible to use the switches as well. To achieve this we need to know what situation you have, since there are multiple solutions to different setups.

- Is there a neutral wire or not? If not you can only use the FIBARO dimmer since its the only one that works without a blue wire.
- Do you use monostable or bistable buttons?


In general we can say that the Z-wave module has to be placed behind the last switch in the hotel switch and the actual light.

When u keep using the original bistable switches there is nothing else u need to do (exept the fact that the module needs a blue wire to power the module). When u want to use momentary (pulse) switches than u need to make a different wiring diagram.kelaars te vervangen door pulsdrukkers dan veranderd er wel eea in de aansluiting. 

Het aansluitschema om een z-wave hotelschakeling te voorzien van home automation functionaliteit op basis van een maak-verbreekschakelaar met gebruikmaking van een FIBARO 2x1,5kW (maar kan ook een FIBARO 1x3kW zijn) ziet er als volgt uit (S1 en S2 zijn de schakelaars van de bestaande hotelschakeling)


Option 1 : Smart home hotelswitch with blue wire based on bistable switch

Z-wave hotelschakelaar met FIBARO module


From the picture above it appears that the Z-wave insert module has to be fitted behind the existing hotelswitch
Note: The module FIBARO is fitted behind S2 (last switch in the chain). S2 is the switch where there probably  three black wires are connected. 

Of course, it is also possible to use a Z-wave dimmer module in a hotelswitch. In that case, you'll probably use pushbuttons instead of normal bibstable switches. Because a pushbutton but makes momentary contact, you need to connect the pushbuttons parallel to each other on the dimmer (SX-S1). You might need to add some extra wires (brown).


Option 2 : Z-wave smart home dimmer with momentary buttons and blue wire

When u want to user a FIBARO dimmer in a hotel-switch, u can use the diagram as shown below. Pay attention to the fact that u need an extra black wire from the first to the second switch. The idea is that you connect both momentary switches parralel over the inputs of the dimmer.

Homeautomation hotelschakeling met pulsdrukkers



Option 3 : Z-wave hotelswitch without blue wire based on 2 dimmers.

We have only tested this setup in our head. The basic idea is to re-use the 2 black wires, that run between the 2 switches, for the second switch. The first black wire is used to transport the Live from the first to the second button to power it. De 2nd black wire is used to transfer and connect the blue wire (coming from the light) on the 1st module. You will see that the output of the first module is not connected to a source. The 1 module will be associated with the second module, who is connected to the light. Association is a direct connection between 2 Z-wave modules.



Homeautomation hotelschakeling zonder neutraaldraad 


Option 4 : Z-wave hotelswitch without blue wire based on 1 dimmer module.

You can add a FIBARO dimmer in a hotelswitch quite easily. The only condition is that you have a live wire available at the last switch in the array of the hotel circuit. This can be a challenge. However, if in your case so you can follow the video tutorial below.


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