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Smart Doorbelgong

Mini Project | Smart doorbell gong

It is actually too simple for words. In no time you can transform this stupid doorbell into a smart doorbell gong.
What do you need?
- The doorbell
- Smart plug-in connector (Z-wave, zigbee 433Mhz or Homekit)
- A wire between contacts 0 and 2 of the byron bell
- Connect 230 V to the contacts and connect an intermediate plug or built-in module.

And further?
- Make a contact with the white wire between 0 and 2 contacts (shorting the doorbell)
- Place the intermediate plug or the built-in module on the 230V of the Byron bell
- Create a scene that switches off the plug-in but also (directly)!

Make sure the bell is not under tension for a longer period of time! The FIBARO built-in modules have an auto-relay off function, which prevents problems. If you use an intermediate plug, make sure that the scene that switches the plug on also switches it off immediately.


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