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Qubino dimmer with 2 wire connection

connect Qubino mosfet dimmer via a 2 wire system.


The Qubino dimmer uses the populair mosfet technology (perfect for low voltage dimmable LED lights). The qubino dimmer is therefore the better solution than the FIBARO dimmer (which needs a dimmerbypass for low watts). A disadvantage is the fact that the Qubino dimmer needs a three wire connection. When you have no neutral wire and still want to use the Qubino dimmer, there is a solution, although its not the cheapest.

- Insert a FIBARO dimmer module in the patress box and connect it to Live and the black wire to the black wire (the black wire is connected to the light and via the light the black is indirectly connected to the blue). Now the FIBARO module is powered.

- Connect the Qubino module to the light in the ceilingbox. 

- Make an association between the FIBARO dimmer and the Qubino dimmer (done in the FIBARO module). 

-Finaly you can change some parameters inside the Qubino dimmer :
Parameter 60 : Minimum dimlevel of the Z-wave dimmer, Choose a value (1-99).
Parameter 61 : Maximum dimlevel of the Z-wave dimmer, Choose a value (1-99).
Parameter 65 : time in ms for changing dimlevel min to max 


Connection scheme.



Settings for the Qubino dimmer.

Qubino dimmer settings voor 2 draads aansluiting

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