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Make every switch smart

Make every switch smart  | With the Neo Coolcam Door and Windowsensor


With the new FIBARO Door and window sensor the option to connect a switch has disapeared, unfortunately. Quit a pity we think. But our Melvin has found a secret option on the Neo Coolcam door and window sensor. He just soldered to wires on the sensor and voila, a binary switch is born.

 In the video below we show you how this works and how you can use it.

Video : Modifing the Neo Coolcam Door sensor to create a virtual switch.



Neo Coolcam raam deursensor binaire ingang 

 Picture : Modification of the Neo Door and window switch.



Imagine you do not have a blue wire and you can not place a module, and therefore do not connect a switch. Then build the module at the lamp in the center box on the ceiling. At the junction box you connect the black and brown wire box so that it can be connected to the L of the module in the ceiling - do you still get it -.
Then disconnect the switch and connect it to the two wires that are connected to the sensor.

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