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Itach IR integration with Z-wave controller

Multimedia control via Z-wave Home automation controller | Control Z-wave and IR

( Home Center 2 /Lite or Vera Edge home automation controller) 



With the FIBARO Home Center/ Vera Edge controllers u cannot only controll Z-wave devices. Via IP-commands you can controll many smarthome devices that are connected to your LAN. With the Home Center 2 you have more options to do this than with the Lite, due to the fact that the Lite doenst support LUA programming. LUA programming is needed to sent HTTP commands to other smart devices connected to your network. The one thing a Home center lite can do is sent 'strings'.  Luckily the iTach IP2IR devices accept strings which means you can sent IR-commands to the iTach devices from a Home Center Lite.


First we will explain how to install the itach (IP2IR /WF2IR).

- Install the itach module in your network
- Give it a fixed IP-adres (by DHCP-reservation in your router)
- Use the Ilearn.exe application to Iearn the IR-commands from existing IR-devices .

Itach WF2Ir aansluitingen


- iTach modules come with 3 IR-eyes which can be placed on a specific devices.The blaster eye will sent signals into the room and needs to be connected to port 3. This port has been specialy configured.
- Connect the iTach to mains power.
- The leds will flash briefly.


Find the WF2IR /IP2IR in your network. 

- When the iTach starts for the first time, it will create its own network. The IP-model will recieve a IP-adres from your router.
- (WF2IR) -> find a wifi network whicj looks a bit like this GlobalCache000C5D05B45C
- Connect to the network and type the following adres
- In network settings you can add your wifi network. 
- After you have saved this you will find the iTach in your network.

Its recommended to give the iTach a fixed IP-adress based on its MAC-number (DHCP reservation in your router).



Learning infra red codes with the iTach WF2IR/ IP2IR

- Download the windows app here
- Open the ilearn.exe application and select  iTach learner option.
- click on  'connect'. you should be connected to the iTach now
- Keep a remote control that you want to include in front of the iTach eye (5 cm distance) and press the key you want to get the code from.
- When the IR-command is recieved you will heree a beep and the code is displayed in the  'Edit View' window.


- Now you can save the code, give the button a name and save it.

You can test the code by pressing 'Test IR' 


Note : When you save the command, the content is copied to the clipboard. Easy whem you want to copy the IR-code directly in a virtual device in the HC2.


Sending IR commandos from your FIBARO Home Center 2 or Home Center Lite.


When you have save all the IR-codes you want to use, its ease to include them in the Fobaro Home Center 2 or Home Center Lite. The fact that the Home Center Lite also works with this device is because the HCL can sent strings (no lua code) and the iTach can accept strings. How cool is that!

Lets make a virtual device first (following stepswork in both HC2 and HCL)

- Go to device and select add or remove 
- Create a new virtual device
- Give the virutal device a name and select a room
- IP-adress this must be the IP-adres of the iTach.
- Port this must be 4998. Its the port that the iTach uses to accept commands
- Click on save (on the right)

- Add a button (or more). Just what you want
- Give the button a name (of a command) and copy the IR-code into the textfield, make sure you have selected 'string'.
- Select 'wait until device responds' and add this extra code 0x0D0x0A toe. This is the comman for a  LF (linefeed).

- Do the same for every button you want to create.


Sending IR commandos from your Vera controller.

To be able to use the Global Cache IR remote control within your Vera Edge controller you need to follow this manual.
First  download these zip files

De ZIP file contains 4 files that you need later..

  • I_GC100.xml - GC100 Plugin update file
  • D_Bose_Sounddock.xml - Apparaat 'Description' bestand (gebasseerd op de Bose Sounddock 2)
  • I_Bose_Sounddock.xml - Apparaat 'Implementatie' bestand
  • S_Bose_Sounddock.xml - Apparaat 'Service' bestand
Now we will install the files (plugin) on the Vera Edge controller.
- In theVERA UI go to 'APPS' tab and 'Install Apps'
- find 'GC100'
- install the app, it will then appear in the My Apps tab
- In the DEVICES tab u will see the new GC100 module
- click on the toolsymbol to change the item en select  'Advanced' tab
- Fill in the IP-adres of the Tach IP remote.
- Close the screen and click on the red ' SAVE' button
- If all went well, u can see the GC100 in the DEVICES tab of the Vera Z-wave controller.

Vera UI met Itach app



There is a know bug in this app, it sents the commands twice.
The solution is to install the correct implemantation file.

- Go to 'APPS' > ''Develop Apps'
- On the left side of the bar click on  'LUUP Files'
- click ''Choose File' button and select  I_GC100.xml file (included in the ROBBshop iTach ZIP file)
- click on 'Go'
- When the upload is complete, the LUA engine will restart
- Go to SETUP > Net & Wi-fi and click on 'Reboot'
- De Vera controller will reboot
Know you should have a working plugin for infrared commands.


XML bestand uploaden in vera home automation controller

The next step is to make device specific file and upload them

To be able to control a device (sending IR-signals from the Vera controller) we need to make the right configuration files.
We will use specific codes that u have captured with the iTach learner app.
- Extract the .xml files of the ROBBshop itach zip
- Rename the files to a name that refers to the device you want to control. i.e. Humax_Recorder

In the rest of this manual we will adres it as Humax_Recorder.


Changing the file (S_file)

The S_Humax_Recorder.xml file is the  'Service' file for the IR-device, It will execute commands. In this vase we will make IR-actions that we will use to sent IR-commands via the HTTP protocol.

- Open hee S_Humax_Recorder.xml file in a text or HTML editor.
- U will see a  < actionList > tag on line  7, and below severall < action > tags
- These  referer to simular  < action > tags in the I_Humax_Recorder.xml which contain the actual IR-codes for controlling the IR-device.
- In the S_Humax_Recorder.xml file u can add names, change and remove them.



- Don't forget to save the file when you are finished.



Modifing the implementation file (S_file)

The I_Humax_Recorder.xml file is the 'Implementatie' file for the infrared file and contains the actions and IR-codes to control the device.

- Open the  I_Humax_Recorder.xml file in a text editor of HTML editor
- There is a list  < actionList > tag on line 3, en below several < action > tags.
- These contain the IR-codes that will be transmitted.
- Rename the < serviceId > to the one that is used in the application
- < serviceId >urn:a-lurker-com:serviceId:Humax_Recorder< /serviceId >

Note: The same < serviceId > is being used for all actions in the  I_Humax_Recorder.xml file
Change the < name > tag so it correspondents with the comment of the action - < name >Humax play < /name >


Add the IR-code toe

Use the IR-code that you have recieved from the  itach iLearn app and copy it into the implementation file.

- The  I_Humax_Recorder.xml file uses  HEX IR Control code - in iLearn select HEX format
- copy the code between the  < ir > tags
- You can change all actions you want.

First try this with 1 code, and check if it works, Before you add all IR-codes to the  I_Humax_Recorder.xml file.


VERA XML file met IR codes



Changing the  Description file (D_ File)

The D_Humax_Recorder.xml file is de 'Description' file for the IR device, it contains the all information for the IR device. You need to add the main device descriptions and links to the Implementation and Service files.

Device Descriptions

  • Edit the description lines to better describe the appliance this IR device will control:
    < friendlyName >< manufacturer >< manufacturerURL >< modelDescription >, and < modelName >

Implementation File Line

  • Edit the < implementationFile > file name (line 120) to match your I_XML file - I_Humax_Recorder.xml

Service Files

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