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Home Center 2 and XBMC media player integration

FIBARO Home Center 2 and XBMC (Kodi) mediaspeler integration


Notef :FIBARO itself has developed a plugin for XMBC in their V4 software. This makes the project as mentioned below obsolete.


A valued customer of us (Hugo) has made a manual to integate your XMBC (kodi) player into a Home Center 2. If youre new to FIBARO and their products, the original project (somewhere on the internet) might not be the best project to start with. That why we made this more simple manual. All credits go to the original developer SHAD.

What can the Add-on do?

1)  Start Scene when a movie starts
2)  Scene start when a movie is paused
3)  Scene start when a movie is stopped
4)  Scene start when music is started
5)  Scene start when music is paused
6)  Scene start when music is stopped
7)  Read information about movie or music and display this on smartphone/tablet
8)  Display camera's within XBMC (When the doorbel is pressed you can see the camera image on your tv)

The scene you want to start can be choosen by you. Turn of all the ligths when the movie starts for example, and when the movie is paused some ligths will turn on. Like a real movie theater. In this tutorial we will explain nr's 1,2, and 3.

1) Go to the HC2 login and login as admin
2) Make 3 secenes (XBMC start, XBMC stop and XBMC pause)
3) In this tutorial you can see the scene XBMC start

FIBARO XBMC koppeling

 4) make a scene and write down the Scene iD (see left image)
     You need this scene later when using the XBMC addon
 5) Repeat this step for the other 2 scenes. 
 6) Download the 2 add-ons an install them in you XBMC, see this link for more info
     Both add-ons need to be installed and they work as 1 add-on
                 A. Link1
                 B. Link2

 7) After the installation on XMBC you can find it under 'Programms'
 8) Choose the FIBARO HC2 add-on and go to Add-on settings
 9) Enter the IP-adres of your HC2
10) Enter Username and password of the admin
11) Put Debug on yes
12) In this tutorial we dont use a virtual module (maybe later)
13) Also 'Label Notifications' are not being used in this tutorial.

FIBARO XBMC koppeling instellingen

15) scroll further down in the screen until you see settings for scenes.
16) Fill the scene-ID's in after start movie, end movie, etc.
17) click on 'OK'
18) Restart XMBC otherwise the changes will not be executed.
19) After a restart the XMBC plugin will execute the scenes when the movie is started, paused or ended.

Display music and movie information from the XBMC on the HC2:

Op dit moment is het mogelijk om 3 labels van de XBMC naar de Home Center 2 te sturen, dit zijn: 

1)   Titel from music and video    
2)   Album artist or TV show
3)   Artist

To realize this, following steps needs to be taken.

1)  Go to the HC2 login on your pc and login as Admin
2)  Click on device in top of the menu and creat a Virtual Device
3)  Gif the virtual device a name (For example XBMC)
4)  Fill the IP-adres in of the XBMC machine
5)  Fill the 'TCP port'  in 

FIBARO Home Center 2 XBMC integratie

     6)  On the virtual device click on 'advanced'
     7)  Create 3 labels
     8)  Give each label a name and leave the ID as it is (see picture below)

FIBARO Home Center 2 XBMC integratie deel 2 

     9)  Save the virtual device, de settings for the Home Center 2 are ready now.
    10) Find the ID for the virtual device, this is needed for the XMBC app
          You can do this with the toolkit from Krikroff, click here 
    11) When you have the ID it can be entered in the XBMC tool..

    12) Put  'Module Virtuaxl' to Yes 
    13) Fill in the device ID in the field  'Id Device' 
    14) Put the option 'Label Notification' to Yes 
    15) Leave the labelfields as shown in the picture

FIBARO Home Center 2 XBMC integratie deel 3

      16)   All is ready now, just restart the XBMC app.

Note: It only works when your media library is up to date.

FIBARO Home Center 2 XBMC integratie deel 4 


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3 Result(s)
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