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FIBARO Satel Alarmsystem integration

Home center 2 and Satel Integra alarmsystem | A good marriage


Fibaro's Home Center 2 itself has an alarmfunction which works flawlessly. But it has its limitations, such as no direct connection with a fixed telefoon, no codepanel (although we made one ourselves). This is why the 2 Polish companys decided to work together. When you have the 2 systems you can integrate them on IP-level and see all sensors, start scenes, etc.


How does this work? 


1)  Alarmsystem in the Home Center 2 via scene

Scene 1 : activate the alarm system when you leave home. 
All Z-wave sensors can be set in modi:
*  Arm
*  Bypass
When you leave home you set all the sensors on 'arm'. In the alarmexcute scene we will set the trigger to be activated by the sensors that are 'armed' and activated.



Figuur : Uitgeschakelde sensor.

Scene 2 : Deactivate the alarm when you arrive home.
When you arrive at you house, you activate the scene that changes the state of all the sensors from 'arm' to bypass.

Scene 3 : Alarm activation in case of emergency.

In de figure shown below you see the scene which is activated when a 'armed' sensor is acivated. This means alarm! Select what you want to do. Sent message, sirene on, lights on, etc!

 Figuur : Activated and breached sensor.

2)  Alarmsystem in the Home center 2 (and Home Center Lite) via the alarmpaneel.

The FIBARO system itself has an alarmpanel as well. In this panel you can set actions that has to take place when alarm is activated. Switching on and of the alarm (setting the sensors to arm or bypass) is done by one button


3) Home center 2 integration with Satel Integra Alarmsystem

Polish based Satel builds alarmsystems fully tested and NCP approved products. FIBARO and Satel can be integrated. FIBARO has made a plugin voor different alarm systems (DSC and Satel). What does this plugin do?

After the integration of the 2 systems (we can do that for you) ,the following options are available:

- Z-wave sensors can be viewed (status) and used in the Satel system;
- Satel sensors can be used in the Home Center 2
- Z-wave modules can be switched in case of an alarm (lights on, blinds open, etc)
- When the alarm is activated you can recieve a message on yout phone.

For more information on smart home alarm systems please contacts us.


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