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FIBARO OpenTherm connection

FIBARO Home Center 2 connecting to OpenTherm thermostats

One of the great links that we could not make until now was the connection between the popular Home Center 2 controller and a modulating boiler. There are enough smart modulating thermostats with an app available, but none we could control with  a HTTP command from the Home Center 2 to set a temperature. This is important for us because we at ROBBshop thinks its important that one device can control all smart devices in your home. You don't want to have to start 10 different apps when you leave your house. This should be possible with one push of a button. 


Recenty we started to sell 2 thermstostats that work via the populair 'OpenTherm' protocol. OpenTherm is a industry standaard for modulating (efficient) heater. The Honeywell Evo Home and the ThermoSmart. The Last one is a Dutch designed product. For both thermostats are Apps available for smartphone and tablet. These apps work perfect, but they don't offer out-of-the-box integration with other systems.



ROBBshop figured out a way to connect the ThermoSmart OpenTherm thermostat with the FIBARO Home Center 2, based on IFTTT.


What do you need?
- A ThermoSmart thermostat (or a Honeywell Evohome kit).
- An account at IFTTT 
- A Z-wave controller with LUA suppoer (ie. Home Center 2)


First make an account at IFTT (IfThisThanThat). This is a website where a lot of the manufacturers of smart products have incorporated their products. But also others big online players like Google, Amarzon and Youtube participate. IfThisThanThat is a powerfull system that allow you to do as the title says. For example you can switch on the HUE lights when you recieve an email on your gmail-account.  How cool is that. There are connections possible between applications you never thought of. Its clear that the more partys join the better IFTTT will become. FIBARO is not yet connected.

Fortunatly IFTTT has launched a new product, called  MAKER. Maker allows you to sent and recieve HTTP-calls from and to IFTTT. This opens a whole lot of new possibilities. "But what can i do with this" you might think.



As mentioned before FIBARO cannot work woth secure HTTPS calls to other smart devices. It only supports HTTP. More and more devices need secure connections and cannot be adressed by FIBARO. This is also the case for the OpenTherm thermostats by ThermoSmart and Honewell Evo Home. With the MAKER app ,we can overcome this problem. How? Lets see how we did this



As shown in the video there are 2 important parameters you need to write down:
- Your personal key
-  Exact name of your recepi (dont use spaces/ special characters)



To sent a command to MAKER from the FIBARO HC2 you first need to create a virtual device.

FIBARO virtueel apparaat


In the virtual device u need to make 1 or more buttons. You need as many buttons as you have recepies. We have made 2, 1 for low temperature and one for comfort (high) temperature.

Something would look like this.




This is the code we used:

HWS = Net.FHttp('maker.ifttt.com')
HWSReponse = HWS:GET('/trigger/temperatuur_20/with/key/UserKey')

If you want to make an IFTTT-maker call direct from a scene you should use the following code

-- Via IFTTT de temperatuur uitzetten
local http = net.HTTPClient()
http:request('https://maker.ifttt.com/trigger/scene/with/key/{personal key}', {
success = function(resp)
if resp.status == 200 then


U need to use your own recepi name and user key.


This should work!





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