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FIBARO infrared controller

Infrared controll by FIBARO Home Center 2


Yes. We did it. He has integrated infrared commands into the FIBARO Home Center 2 by FIBARO. It has been a bit of a struggle but he did it.
What do you need to get it done?

- A FIBARO Home Center 2 (this solution doesnt work on the Home Center lite). (the iTach IR controller does work with Home Center lite!)
- A SQ blaster with 1 of more extender eyes for the SQblaster.
- De XML codes for the commands (zitten in de XML-file stored on the SQblaster)
- A virtual device in the HC2 to sent the strings.
When you want to apply this project, you can always contact us.

U need the following code, with some changes. This u need to make a virtual device

local sqkey = "<PUT THE DEVICE ID HERE>"
local sqch = "<CHANNEL NUMBER>"
local sqrepeat = "<REPEAT NUMBER>"
local sqseq = "0"
local sqcommand = "<COMMAND NAME>"
local sqir = "<IR COMMAND>"

local SqIP = fibaro:getGlobalValue("SqIP")
local thisId = fibaro:getSelfId();
HC2 = Net.FHttp(SqIP)
body = '<docommand key="'..sqkey..'" repeat= "'..sqrepeat..'" seq = "'..sqseq..'" command="'..sqcommand..'" ir_data="'..sqir..'" ch="'..sqch..'"></docommand>'
HC2:POST("/docmnd.xml", body)

This is the instructionvideo to make a virtual device in the HC2:



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