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Do-it-yourself | Creating your own corddimmer

In this do-more-yourself section we will give you a few options to create your create a corddimmer based on a build-in dimmer.
We will be using either a FIBARO dimmer or a Qubino dimmer. The Qubino dimmer is slightly smaller and therefore it can be used in the first example.

Lets go...
We did some shopping at our local electro specialist.

1) Nikko switchbox complete 
Here we have a problem with the FIBARO dimmer since its just to big. So we choose the Qubino dimmer. As you can see in the picture below the Qubino dimmer fits (only just) under the fysical switch.
What do we need?:
- A dimmable light with cord and plug;
- A NIKO pushbutton (Single or Double) and whipper;
  (choose the white on);
- Use this construction box (EAN5413736264786);
- A plug with a cord (van je lamp);
- A Qubino module;
- Some wiring.

The project itself is quite basic. Put the Qubino module under the pushbutton in te construction box. Connect the wiring and make a littel hole in the cover to feed the cables.
Attention :The unit is not easy to unclick (push the base at the side where you see the screws).

Niko slimme dimmer

Once assembled it looks like this (the whipper must still be fitted)
Niko domotica dimmerThe cool part of this smart corddimmer is the fact that you are able to use the local button to operate the lamp. As an alternative you can use the 3D printed corddimmer where there is enough space for a FIBARO dimmer.


2) Busch&Jaeger switchbox with plug.
A more simple solution where you can even use 2 dimmers is the option by Busch en Jaeger. A little less sexy but still very functional. Plenty space for 2 dimmer. Only the local switch is missing. There is also a 4-plug version available. Another solution for this product is as alternative for our greenwave powernode, which is no longer available. With 2 double switches you easily create your own powernode.
What do we need
- A dimmable light with a plug;
- The schuko constructionbox (GTIN 8712507025838);
- The Construction box by Busch en Jaeger (GTIN 8712507002778);
- A FIBARO o4 Qubino module;
- Wires and a plug.

Busch en Jaeger snoerdimmer project As you can see there is plenty room in the box for 2 modules

3) Constructionbox simple Busch and Jaeger
Another, even more simple, solution is the use of this ultra-basic construction box by Busch and Jaeger. With this option you dont have a local pushbutton, but you can add it easily. This will replace the excisting cordswitch.este de bestaande schakelaar verwijderen. Maar is is geheel aan jezelf.
What do we need:
- A Busch & Jaeger inbouwdoos 
- A FIBARO or Qubino dimmer
- Wiring
- A light with a cable and plug

Its not gonna get more exciting but this is how it looks (without the wires)



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