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Connect everything with a remote

Project | How to make everything smart

More and more products are smart. But not all. If there are no integration options you could find some inspiration here. In this proof-of-concept we have used a NEMEF ENTR lock and made it z-wave controllable. We used the physical Keyfob button. We press this button with a solenoid valve (tha we borrowed from a kallox motor). For the occasion we designed a 3D casing.

What have we done.
- We printed a special holder
This is te most difficult part. We might need to re-design a holder per remote. In this case we designed it for the NEMEF ENTR Keyfob.
We are thinking about designing holder for Somfy remotes.

NEMEF ENTR koppeling via FIBARO

This is the holder. The NEMEF keyfob is placed up-side-down in the holder. Underneath the keyfob we have placed the linear motor (solenoid valve).

Here are the main components we used. We have also printed a pushplate.

All the items used for this proof-of-concept.

To controll the solenoid valve we use a FIBARO relais module.

In the advanced settings for the FIBARO module we put the value 2 for variable 4. This will cause the module to switch off after 2 seconds (auto-relais-off)

Here you see the button that controls the NEMEF lock


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