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Automatic curtain system with positioning

Smarthome curtain | Now with positioning

Smarthome integration fase 1
In a previous project we already integrated the curtain system into our Z-wave system. We used a double relais module that emulated a push of a button. The disadvantage was that there was no information available about the current position of the curtain.

System with positioning
In this project we take it a step further. We connected a 12/24V Qubino rollershutter module directly to the motor. We bypass al the electronics and take over controll of the motor. 

Problem with calibration.
Normally the module will detect the limitis of the curtain by performing a calibration (to do so put parameter 78 on value 1, 1 byt dec). In our case this didnt work, so we choose to manually set the time the curtain needs to fully open/close. In our case this is 6 seconds (set parameter 74 on 60).

Manual control
Wat we did as well is fix the position of the connection between motor and rail. This means no more manual operation, but it meens more reliable positioning information.
If you want you can connect a switch to the module.

 Photo : How to connect the qubino module


Video : Demonstration of the system

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