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Amazon Echo FIBARO connection via Synology

Amazon Echo FIBARO connection via Synology NAS


The Amazon Echo is a cool gadget that makes it easy voice SENT ask questions. Despite being only in English it is a really cool device. ROBBshop uses the program HA_bridge Clutch Made Between the Amazon Echo and a Z-Wave controller. In our case a FIBARO Home Center 2, But Can It met every home automation controller die HTTP commands can be processed. How We Done That? Read more Fast.
1 Recognizing devices by Amazon
Amazon Echo 'recognizes' smart devices in your network. The door commands discover devices' to Go Selecting Amazon looking for new devices. Devices like the Nest and Philips Hue Are Automatic found, unfortunately is not found the FIBARO. One way to zoom is still Finding door using a piece of software called HA-bridge.


HA-bridge can be installed on a raspberry or a NAS. We choose the NAS option

2 Installation of HA-bridge
We will install HA-bridge on a Synology NAS with DSM6

Start package center

Installatie HA-bridge op Synology NAS

 Find 'docker' and click on install.

FIBARO HC2 met Amazon echo koppeling

Open docker

Close help 

Select 'register'
Type  'Bridge' in searchbar
Click right on apalca/home-automation-bridge and download this image

Click image

Wait until download is finished


Click start

Choose advanced

Check automatisch starten 

Choose ok

Check 'gebruik hetzelfde netwerk als Docker Host' aan

Close the advanced screen

Choose next

Uncheck 'voer deze container uit nadat de wizard voltooid is'. We need some more settings to be altered

Choose 'container'
Select container
Choose bewerken (modify)

Go to  milieu and create 2 variabeles:
SERVERPORT – Free to choose port number.
SERVERIP – IP adres of the Synology

Klik ok
Start the applicatie


By entering the IP-adres with the portnumber you will see the brower screen of HA-Bridge. Now you can add some virtual devices and when you do a rediscover the devices will be seen by the amazon echo.
No you'll need to make some virtual devices that will become visible after a rediscover in your Amazon.
Use the proper HTPP-commands
Since 4.1 FIBARO has changed their login, you must login with an emailadres. This is not an option for HA-bridge, to avoid problems you should make a new account (guest) and use this.





 Korte demontratie video : koppeling tussen Z-wave controller en Amazon echo.


Met dank aan Kariem Mahklouf en Marco Nellestijn.

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