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Smarthome Projects

Smarthome Solutions | The fun way to do things

For a lot of people a smart house is not something they are used to. With this page with our own smarthome projects we want to give you an idea about the possibilities of wht you can do with a smarthome. A smart house is much more than swithing lights via a smartphone or tablet. You can switch of all the lights in youre house with on button, or use a z-wave humidity sensor to control the ventilation in the bathroom, but you can also only heat the bathroom in the morning, without the need to warm-up the rest of the house. You can create a scene that helps you to wake up in the morning... instead of the buzzin alarm from the alarmclock you wake up with youre favorite radiostation while the curtains slowely open, letting the sun in youre bedroom.

Please read through these pages and contact us when you have questions, or a good idea.

We hope you enjoy our smarthome projects page. If you have suggestions or questions please contact us!

Team ROBBshop

Smart Doorbel Smart Bathroom Ventilation Smart Garagedoor 1
Smart 2-Gang Switch Somfy RTS Motors Integration Automatic Curtainrail 1
Smart Gardenrinsing system Ikea Lightning Zone Heating 1
Smart AlarmClock Zone Heating 2 XBMC/KODI Integration
Thermostat Integration OpenTherm thermostaat Heatmiser Neo thermostat / FIBARO HC2
Smart Metercable Automatic 3-point Lock Rollershutter Safety
Satel Alarmsytem Integration Philips HUE Lights integration Integration of IR Devices
Slim Alarm Codepaneel Qubino Module 2 draads aansluiten IR Devices FIBARO/Vera 
Alternative Message System Sleepscene Axa Windowopener Integration
Plugwise Integration Smart Chargingstation Smart Intercom
FIBARO HC2 OpenTherm integration HC2 ICY Thermostaat Integration Automatic Toilet ligths
Smart Garagedoor 2 Outdoor Motionsensor Multifunction Buttons
Smart Guarddog Automatic Curtainrail 2 Modification DanaLock
Make Everything Smart Amazon Echo integration EvoHome System Integration
Smart Mailbox
Automatic Gate Smart Mousetrap
Smart Windowcontrol Smart Cooling for terras  Control all blinds with 1 switch
Home Center and Amazon Echo Smart corddimmer  Single scene controller Hank in HC2
Safe on poweruse of floorpump  Make all Remote Controlls smart

Autodim function 1.0

Make every switch smart  Halloween lights for HC2  Halloween lights for HC2





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