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Z-wave Smarthome

Z-wave domotica

Smarthome for Pros | Z-wave, Top notch wireless smart home products

"Honey...Did you close the garagedoor?"

Everybody recognizes this, when in a hurry you get in the car because youre late, and then you start to think..... Did we close the garagedoor. Should you go back or not? When u implement a Z-wave smart home automation system from ROBBshop you can always and everrywhere check the status of doors, lights and the alarmsystem. You will never have to go back to check wether you left the iron, you just switch it off.

Schematic view of Z-wave smart home system 

Z-wave de basis

What is Z-wave?
A wireless smart home system based on Z-wave consists of a smarthome controller, one or more sensors one or more actors. (When u want to now more about Z-wave controllers, Please click here.)

Z-wave alarmfunctionality, increase your safety:
- A Z-wave system can act as a alarm system. When motion is detected you will get a message, the sirene will go of.  A photo is emailed to you.
- Smoke sensor will activate the alarmsystem as well, lights will turn on so you can leave the house safely
- The system will inform you when you leave the doors or windows open when leaving
- When not home you can see whats going on via a camera system.
- There are many more options.  

Increase the ease-of-use
- Remotely checking wheather the lights are off.
- Control your thermostat  from your smartphone/tablet
- Automaticly close the blinds after sunset.
- Controll everthing with one remote (smartphone). Also all your HiFi equipment

Energy saving 
- Know how much energy your house consumes (any idea?).
- Actual usage per device.
- Make smart scenes for chargers and standby killers
- Start measuring and set goals based on information form you smart meter (use our smart meter cable).

Why choose Z-wave smart home products?
Maybe you have heart from other systems like KNX (wired) or COCO. Z-wave is the more professsional version of COCO. Its a wireless energyefficient system to control a varietay off appliances. Ligthswitches, doorbells, ventilation systems, aircounits, heatingsystems, coffemachine and camera's. All possible with our Z-wave products. A typical Z-wave system is build around a control-unit and some actors and sensors
What makes Z-wave special? 

Mesh technnology  main powered modules act as a repeater, they will forward the signal to achieve a stable network
2 way communication Z-wave has a 2-way communication protocol. every command is confirmed by the reciever.
Open structure There are more than 160 company's making Z-wave porducts. Every day new products are added.
Affordable Z-wave is an affordable system with open structure.


Where can Z-wave technology be used ?
Z-wave plus smart home products can be used in homes and offices by people who are aware, or want to be, of energy consumption and who whant to live smart. Z-wave products are also used for people with handicap. This can help to them to live more independantly.

Zwave plus is the succesor of Z-wave and offers some enhancements like better reach of the signal and less energy consumption. Z-wave and Z-wave plus are fully compatible. 

Every day new devices and possibilities are developed. Keep an eye on our new items page


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