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Z-wave smart home compatibility list 

More and more smarthome products are coming. Some you connect directly to your WiFi, the most working with their own wireless smarthome protocol. Think of the professional Z-wave and Zigbee and the somewhat simpler 433Mhz protocol. But which products now work well together? That is a bit tricky, but things do indicate that you have more openness about it.
Further on you will find an outdated compatibility list for Z-wave products. Meanwhile, have has a local compatibility list.


External links 

FIBARO Lijst met compatible apparaten vind je hier
Homey Voor Homey kun je hier zien of een product compatible is.
AeonLabs Om te zien of een AeonLabs product compatible is met je basisstation klik hier
Z-wave algemeen Voor een lijst met alle Z-wave compatible apparaten klik je hier.
Benext Voor de BeNext controller kunt je hier zien of uw z-wave module werkt op de controller.
GetVera Voor de basisstations van Getvera kun je ook op deze link klikken.



Z-wave and Z-wave plus products all use the chipset made by Sigma Designs. So all hardware components are the same for Z-wave devices. This is a good basis for a stable system. Based on the chip different manufacters who joined the z-wave alliantie make smart home products and develop software to controll them. Due to the new technology and the lack of a waterproof standard, not all Z-wave products work together 100%. Thats why we made this Z-wave compatibility list. We know it will never be complete and 100% accurate, due to all the new products, the new firmware for the controllers containing new support for devices. But its a start. We believe that the manufacters of the controllers should do a compatibily check and announce it, but this is still somethin for the future.

Due to the fact that we have stated the compatibility in the product page we no longer update this page. If you have suggestions about compatibility please sent us a message. 



Compatibility with non Z-wave device.

Slim apparaat

ROBBshop thinks that compatibility is more than the connection between a Z-wave devices and controller. More and more devices are 'smart'. This means connected to your networkd via a cable or WiFI. For example your Sonos player or a smart thermostat. Most apps have their own app to remotely control a device. This in itself is very cool, but also a potential problem as you dont want to op a lot of apps when you leave your home. With the Z-wave smart home controllers from the ROBBshop you can controll not only Z-wave devices, we have developed some smart software (plugins) that will let you controll all kinds of smart devices from within a single controller.  

* 001 from version 4.xx you cannot set the parametes.

External Links

For the Vera controllers you can also see the compatibility here.
For the BeNext controller you can check compatibility here.
For a list with all the compatible devices you can click here.
For AeonLabs compatibility you can click here


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